Shweta Sekhon On Why Beauty Pageants Are More Significant Than Ever Before

Malaysia’s chance of winning the 68th edition Miss Universe 2019 seems to be in in pretty good hands. More than just beauty with brains, Miss Universe Malaysia 2019, Shweta Sekhon is downright humble and a total sweetheart.

At just 22 years old, the beauty queen carries a heavy weight on her shoulder, to fulfill Malaysia’s dream to win the grand title of Miss Universe 2019. Likely got real with the beautiful beauty queen, Shweta Sekhon in this exclusive interview.

1. How has your life changed since being crowned as Miss Universe Malaysia 2019? 

Shweta: The life has totally rotated! People look at me differently now as a role model than just normal girl, Shweta. It’s a new life-changing experience and I’m really enjoying the journey!

2. What made you to join the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant?

Shweta: Pageant has always been my dream since young and I’ve always wanted to represent my country. The hunger to wear the badge of Malaysia is something I’ve always struck for.

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Day 1 of Media Week as Miss Universe Malaysia 2019 👑🇲🇾❤️ Wearing my 2.38 million ringgit worth crown from @habibjewelsofficial alongside with the sash was simply indescribable ❤️ This crown that sits upon my head isn’t a symbol of royalty but it sits there as a symbol of one who gives of herself voluntarily ! Still can’t get over with the design of my crown ! So classy and elegant ! Truly defines a Queen well indeed ❤️🇲🇾 Outfit : @rsvpclothing_ Earrings : @redsrev Hair : @mikogalere @_allyn17 Make Up : @makeup_miracle @mike_makeupmiracle Crown : @habibjewelsofficial #MissUniverseMalaysia #MissUniverseMalaysia2019 #ShwetaSekhon #BeautyBeyondYou #MissUniverse2019 #RoadToMissUniverse #HabibJewelsOfficial

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3. Last year was Philippine’s 4th time winning the prestige title of Miss Universe. Do you think 2019 will be Malaysia’s year to bring the crown home? 

Shweta: Why not? I believe in miracles and maybe this is our year. Anything can happen! I believe the best things happen when you least expect it so you never know.

4. How are you preparing yourself for the big competition? 

Shweta: Pageant is not just about catwalk or beauty related. You’ve got to be really well-prepared with Q&A and advocacy. The whole team is really working hard with me and I can’t wait to head off to Miss Universe soon!

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Pre Judging with @missuniversemalaysia @themajestichotelkl ❤ Thank you so much @yogashyogg for styling me up ! Loving this look so much 😍 Did boost my confidence well enough ! You made my day ! The colour black speaks volume about a person and how they perceive themselves. Being dressed in black is a symbol of power. The colour black evokes strong emotions in all humans,regardless of culture. This colour is also associated with excitement and mystery. One thing that I am sure when I wear black is that I will be portraying a powerful message. As the common saying goes "Without black, no colour has any depth " This wouldn't have been possible without you @yogashyogg ! Thank you for changing my dreams into reality 😘❤ #MissUniverse #Missuniversemalaysia #TNMUM19 #BeautyBeyondYou #StyledByYogash

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5. Society only sees the glamorous side of beauty pageants, what would you like us to know about beauty pageants? 

Shweta: To me beauty pageants are more than the perception mentioned. It’s more on bonding and getting connected with the world. We get to meet people from all over the world with different stories.

That’s really amazing! Miss Universe gives an opportunity to women to be a better version of themselves. It teaches one to be confident, happier in a way and to know who you are – even for me, I’m still getting to know who is this Shweta Sekhon.

6. What’s the hardest part about the whole competition?  

Shweta: I guess when you bid farewell after Gala Night. We had 18 girls and to bid farewell to 17 girls, knowing that you’re not going to stay under the same roof again. You never know when you’re going to relive this moment again. That was really sad.

7. It takes courage to put yourself out there for the whole world to see, have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? 

Shweta: There’s always ups and downs in life. It would be a lie if I said I’ve never felt so but then I would just motivate myself to be the best version of myself, give it my ultimate best and leave it to God.

8. With you representing Malaysia, do people around you criticise you? If yes, what’s the most impactful criticism you’ve ever had? 

Shweta: *laughs… Yeah, people do criticise. I do read my comments on Instagram, if there’s a shiny day, there’s a rainy day too! A comment that I remembered was about my fake eyelashes. I did a shoot and someone said, “Omgosh, Shweta’s fake eyelash is not fixed properly.” YEAH.

9. The standard of beauty is slowly changing. Do you think Miss Universe will ever accept people who doesn’t fall into the commercial/typical beauty standard like plus-size and petite? 

Shweta: I’m not surprised if they do. Last year, they accepted Miss Spain, who’s a transgender model. If they can do so, why not a plus-size model? And I don’t believe in “plus-size” model. It’s just your size model! We all have our own sizes.

You never know, in a couple of years, Miss Universe is going to do that and that would be a great change!

10. How do you want to impact girls who wants be just like you? 

Shweta: Be yourself, be really strong and endure whatever it takes to live your dream. You only have this one life, do it or go home.

11. What’s your advice to girls who’d like to join Miss Universe Malaysia 2020?

Shweta: To all the girls who would like to audition for Miss Universe, Malaysia 2020, be prepared. You’ve got to know what you’re doing and just be yourself. Enjoy the whole journey, trust me, it’s really fun but don’t get side-tracked. Know what you’re going there for – Have the mission of wanting to win the crown.