Should You Do Your Own Wedding Makeup?

A wedding is such a big day for both the bride and the groom. You wouldn’t expect that the bride has one extra thing to worry about – the wedding makeup. If you can already do your own makeup pretty well (about as well as a beauty guru), you should be able to do your own wedding makeup, right?

What if your falsies don’t go on and your eyeliner smudges? You don’t want to be bridezilla on your wedding day, just because your foundation didn’t blend right.

So, should you do your own wedding day makeup if you’re not a makeup artist? Here are a few things you need to know before you decide to get your glam on with no expert help.

It depends on who you want to be on your wedding day

Do you want to be yourself on your wedding day, or do you want to be a different version of you? Bridal makeup artists often do the classic, clean, soft and glowing makeup for wedding days. You can discuss what you want to do beforehand, of course, but undeniably, you know your face best because who else has been beating yo’ face for the past five years, besides yourself? Bridal you and glam makeup you could be two really different people, so it really depends on the vibe you’re going for.

Are you 100% confident in doing your own wedding makeup?

It’s your big day. As a bride, you’ll have about a zillion things to worry about. One botched eyeliner job could ruin your whole wedding mood (but don’t let it). If you’re 100% confident in your makeup skills on your wedding day (remember, it’s a really big day for you and your husband-to-be). You don’t want to spend the whole wedding doubting your skills and worrying if your makeup looks right. However, if you’re 100% confident like a true beauty boss, go ahead and get your wedding glam on.

Do you have a makeup artist friend?

If you’re determined to do your own wedding makeup anyway, get a makeup artist friend to help you out, especially to touch up the things you can’t see. Perhaps your eyeliner’s smudged or your foundation isn’t blended in properly. Trust a pro to help you out on your big day. Even beauty gurus sometimes get makeup artists to do their wedding day makeup. You don’t need to get someone else to do it, but get a pro MUA friend to look out for the tiniest details.

Practice before the wedding day

As always, practice your makeup look before the wedding day. Watch tutorials of classic wedding makeup looks and try it on yourself. Of course, carefully select your favourite makeup products for your wedding day. Each girl has a favourite foundation, blush, and lipstick that makes her feel extra beautiful. These are the products you don’t wear all the time, but if it’s your wedding day, you’ll want the good stuff to be on your face.

Go be beautiful, darlings! Seize your wedding day in glam and style. If you know what you’re doing on your wedding day and can calmly place your falsies on, you’ll be gorgeous.


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