Should You Be Picky About Who You Date?

We know someone whose Tinder relationships always ends at the very first date for some reason or another. Maybe they didn’t get along with their date, or he didn’t pick up the tab. Maybe she’s just being picky.

Call it being picky or choosy, sometimes we just want to dive headfirst into a relationship with someone who sparks joy in us. Is being picky really the answer to finding the best possible life partner?

After all, if the tables were turned, we wouldn’t want the other person to cherry-pick at our flaws either. Let’s see if we can be picky and find the ideal partner eventually.

It’s important to know what you want

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Whether you’re swiping on dating apps or going out on a first date, it’s important to know what you want in a partner. You are not going to waste your time on someone who gets on your nerves, right? Just because you share the same interests doesn’t mean that you’re compatible. In fact, this is why experts figured that opposites attract! Always follow your intuition when it comes to picking out your very best date.

Accept that realistically, the ‘perfect partner’ does not exist

However, although you may have your checklist of what you need in a partner, more often than not, the ideal soulmate doesn’t exist. When you get involved in a romantic relationship, you need to build it together, and that means accepting the flaws that come with the guy or girl you’ve chosen to spend time with. You are not the ‘perfect’ partner either, and that’s not wrong, it’s just human.

Do not be discouraged if your ideal someone rejects you

Here’s where the tables are turned, and no, you should not feel discouraged if someone who is close to your idea of a perfect partner rejects you. This just means that while you thought that you were both compatible, the other person didn’t think so and it wouldn’t have made for a happy relationship anyway. You’ve dodged a bullet, congrats!

What makes your ideal partner? It’s always fun to know, so tell us all about it in the comments below!