Should You Expose Your Partner’s Dirty Laundry?

So, you find out that your partner has been doing some shady things behind your back (eg: cheating on you with someone else). What do you do next? Tweet about it?

Exposing your partner’s dirty deeds seems to be a growing trend on social media these days. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only makes it easier to share your intimate couple’s details with the whole world.

Sometimes, when you’ve had enough, it’s the only way to get your partner’s attention. Should you expose your partner’s dirty laundry, though, and what are the consequences?

Exposing your partner’s dirty deeds may have a positive effect

If your stop cheating on me messages aren’t getting through your partner, maybe airing their dirty laundry on social media is the only way to get their attention. Plus, it’ll quench your thirst for revenge. If you want that kind of attention anyway. Unless, of course, you can do it the classy way like Beyoncé. Many people questioned whether Becky with the good hair referred to the girl Jay-Z cheated on her with. Then, Jay-Z released his new album 4:44 which was full of apologies to Beyoncé and their daughter Blue Ivy. He came clean about cheating too – which is probably the best solution for the celebrity couple’s relationship.

Airing your partner’s dirty laundry could backfire, drastically

However, despite quenching your thirst for revenge, airing your partner’s dirty laundry could seriously backfire, especially if you’ve done it more than once. Take this incident for example. Recently, social media influencer Bella Astillah exposed her husband’s cheating acts on an Instagram story that has since been removed. Unfortunately, Bella already posted about her husband, Aliff Aziz and cheating acts about a month ago. This made people on the Internet wonder, gurlll… why are you still with this guy?

Exposing your partner’s dirty laundry is not the solution to your problems

Someone had to say it. Whether you did it in the spur of the moment or planned it out carefully, airing your problems and your partner’s faults on social media won’t solve your problems. In fact, it could make your problems worse due to the lack of trust and communication. The wisest to do is to have some personal time with your partner. Sit down and really thrash it out between you both to get a better understanding on the situation. Communication is key here. You wouldn’t want your partner to lay your dirty deeds bare in front of the judgmental Internet audience, would you?

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So, should you air your partner’s dirty laundry?

It’s honestly best to talk it out between you two first, before putting everything out on social media. You don’t want your drama to be the talk of the Internet. If you don’t achieve any progress after communicating and you still feel dissatisfied, maybe it’s time to type something blunt and drastic, and put it out there. Only do it if you can take the heat, though. Once you’ve aired your partner’s dirty laundry, there’s no turning back.

Honestly, the safest thing to do is be dignified and call off the relationship. Don’t let any man take away your dignity, ladies! You can live without a toxic partner. In fact, you’ll be better off without him.