Should Women Make The First Move In A Relationship?

When it comes to establishing a heterosexual relationship, men are usually expected to make the first move.

So, picture this. You’ve been waiting for ages for this guy to call, and there isn’t anything wrong with him, he’s just moving too slowly in the relationship. You like him, and he seems to like you just as much. Like, ain’t nobody got time to waste just pining for each other. Margaret Tate made the first move in ‘The Proposal’ but that’s a movie, which is different from reality.

In this era, there isn’t an obvious answer as to who has to ask who out first. Do you text him first? Is it OK for a woman to text a man she has matched with on Tinder, especially when he hasn’t said “hello” yet? Really, there isn’t a clear answer, but we’ll break down “making the first” move for you so you know what to do next.

Some men actually like to be asked out

When you make the first move, it shows that you really want the relationship to work out, and some men actually like that. According to a study by Psychology Today, 16% of men prefer to be asked out than 6% of women who prefer to do the asking. Some men actually wait for quite a while before asking women on a first date, so if you’re in the right place at the right time, you’ll cut the waiting time by about half.

You will appear to be the more dominant one, especially at the early stages of the relationship

If you’re a dominant woman looking for a relationship that will work for you, it may be a good idea to make the first move. As we become more educated and diverse in our dating experiences, some women just know what they want and won’t settle for less. If you do the asking, you may appear to be the more dominant half at the early stages of the relationship, unless your man is the submissive type.

If he’s just not that into you, let him go


Sometimes, you like him, but sadly, he may not be as into you as you are into him. If that’s the case, just let him go. With the confidence that you have now, you’ll probably be able to find a better guy in no time. Don’t be afraid of starting relationships, because it’s better to have loved and lost than to settle with ‘what ifs’ and regrets.

Would you make the first move? Let us know in the comments below.