Some Men Think Married Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Work

During the weekend, a debate on Twitter blew up with this one question, “Should married women be allowed to work?” It began when a Twitter user posted a confession of a man married to a doctor.

TLDR: The said man is a teacher who married a doctor, and he’s unhappy that his wife has to work so much. He feels neglected that his wife pays more attention to her career than she does to him, but anyway he mentioned that he’s not into “nerdy” stuff if she tries to tell him about his day.

Soon, this invited uncalled remarks from men who believe that their future wives should not work. Later, in some following tweets, the man says that he believes his wife should be his slave at home. Someone really should have told him that this is 2019 and slavery is illegal.

In this economy, can a woman, married or not, afford not to work?

Actually, it’s 100% OK if a man doesn’t allow his wife to work…

… but there’s a catch.

A man may declare, with all his heart, “I will not allow my wife to work!” He can do this if he provides for his wife, wholeheartedly. He can do this if he earns at least a five-figure salary. If he gives his wife an allowance that’s at par with her degree qualifications, so she can spend it on manicures, hair-dos, cosmetics, and her hobbies. If they have future children, her “me-time” allowance will not be hampered. The man should also get life insurance so if anything happens to him, his wife and kids are financially insured.

If the man is capable of treating his wife like a princess in a castle, then he can say with full confidence, “I will not allow my wife to work!”

Your wife is NOT your maid. If you want your wife to be a maid at home, with a measly allowance to sort out the home stuff and nothing extra, then you’re not fit to be anyone’s husband. If you want your wife to do something simple like getting a glass of water for you, well, why can’t you walk to the water dispenser and press the button yourself? It’s much faster that way.

If you’re afraid of a successful woman, then don’t marry one! Just be a katak di bawah tempurung.

Working moms raise successful children (later in their lives)

If that surprises you, it’s because it’s true! Studies show that working moms raise children who are more successful in their adult lives. That’s not to say that stay-at-home moms don’t raise successful children, it’s just that working moms are more likely to.

Working moms are not burdened by childish conversation all day. It doesn’t matter if these women held a full-time, part-time or freelance job. Every bit of work they did contributed to their family’s financial state and their children’s mindset as they grew up.

The best part? Boys with working moms tend to do more household chores, simply because they want to help out. Here’s to raising boys who believe in gender equality.


The bottom line is a married woman can always choose to work if she wants to, and it’s not always about money. By pursuing her career and her personal growth, a married woman is not 100% dependent on her husband. She is independent and she learns new skills from her workplace (and avoids the dreaded habit of membawang). If a married woman wants a career, she damn well has the right to work as much as she wants to get there.

If men can’t stand marrying a woman with a career, well, maybe women should start marrying each other, instead of the gender with the fragile ego.