Sex On The Beach? This Sticky Situation Will Make You Think Again!

Sex on the beach (not the cocktail) sounds pretty awesome. What better place to make love than the most romantic, sunny place of all right? It’s better than your usual stroll-and-selfie sessions anyway.

Find a private corner that no-one knows. Get tanned and let the waves tickle your feet as you frolic around in the sand with your partner. Dust off the sand as you run off into the ocean together.

Sounds fun? Watch out! You could probably get stuck (and not in a pleasant way).

Your genitals could get stuck together via underwater suction

It sounds like a really bad porn plot but your genitals getting stuck together is anything but sexy. The sexscapade of your utopian dreams would soon become a nightmare when you realize you can’t pull your sexual organs away from each other.

Back in 2014, a couple from Italy became stuck together when they were having sex in the ocean. Try as they might, they could not pull away, and had to be hospitalized and surgically separated. We don’t want to imagine how. Hopefully the couple laughed it off and moved on, never to have sex on the beach ever again.

Penis captivus

It sounds like a spell from Harry Potter (and maybe it is, who knows?) but penis captivus is actually a medical phenomenon where the penis gets stuck in the vagina during intercourse. Sometimes, during sex, external pressure may cause the vagina to contract even more than usual, hence trapping the penis when it’s still erect. It’s unlikely to hurt the man but it can be uncomfortable.

If this ever happens to you, remain calm and call for medical assistance. They may be able to inject a muscle relaxant into you to allow your vagina muscles to relax, and free his penis!

Getting steamy during sex is one thing, Getting stuck is another. You’re better off with a romantic stroll or a picnic at the beach. At least you won’t risk literally being stuck together and like, have people pull you apart. They’ll probably laugh too, because let’s admit, it’s pretty funny.