Sew Your Own Masks To Keep COVID-19 Away

As we go about our daily lives without a cough or sneeze in sight, it’s easy to think that you are safe from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. However, months in since the start of this pandemic, we now know that it is possible to have the virus without showing any of the regular symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing). As such, we are advised to stay at home and keep safe. But, in the event that you do need to go out, you will need to take the necessary precautions – including wearing a mask.


As we make contact with the amazing people who are still going about their jobs – security guards, cleaners, store works, public transport operators, police, delivery personnel – it is our duty to ensure that we are minimising the risk of infection for them. However, in order to avoid hoarding the surgical masks and N-95 respirators from the people who really need it (i.e. healthcare workers), we will need to use cloth face coverings. Despite this not being the optimal way to curb the spread of the virus, it is better than exposing everyone to the potential of the virus.


These masks don’t have to be professionally made, don’t worry. As the virus spreads by people coming into proximity of a cough, sneeze or someone who is speaking, adding layers of protection makes a big difference – especially for people who are carrying the virus but are unaware of it.


Here are a few options for you to make your own masks, in order of increasing difficulty – but nothing too difficult! So, gather up your supplies and get to sewing!


1. CDC’s makeshift face mask for emergencies –


2. Sew a simple version for yourself


3. Multiple-use masks – 


4. For those that want filter pockets –


And if you have the material and the time, why not help those around you? Security guards, grocery shop workers, bus drivers, cleaners:


5. Bulk sew masks for those who need it – 


Do note that these face masks need to be washed regularly (after each use). Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing these face coverings and wash your hands immediately after removing. Try removing them from the rubber holdings rather than from the cloth piece itself. Remember to maintain your distance as much as possible even while wearing these masks.


Let’s continue to do our parts!