The Secret To Naturally Dewy Skin Lies In A ‘Diffuser’

The diffuser (also known as a ‘humidifier’) is the one thing that can boost the moisture levels in your skin, giving you the dewiest glow ever.

Sure, it’s important to moisturise with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, but diffusers add such a great boost for the moisture levels in your skin.

Sometimes, we wake up to parched skin because of all that air-conditioning. Waking up to dewy skin is such a dream! You woke up like this.

When should you use a diffuser?

Your skin gets dehydrated when you’re constantly spending time in air-conditioned offices and at home (we know, we can’t help it either! It’s just too hot out).

When the air around you is dry, it draws out moisture from wherever it can through osmosis, and sometimes that means through your skin. A diffuser would then add moisture to the dry air which means that moisture is less likely to leave your skin.

How does the diffuser benefit our skin?

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By adding moisture to the air, a diffuser keeps your skin (and hair) hydrated by ensuring that it’s not affected by the dry hair. Humidity is basically the measure of water vapour in the air – so that says a lot about how diffusers work, they control the humidity in the air.

Low humidity in air-conditioned environments tends to result in dry, flaky skin. Your skin may produce more oil in an attempt to recover the moisture lost through dry air, but a humidifier can prevent that.

Plus, you can infuse it with essential oils like tea tree that your skin will happily soak up. Your skin still needs it’s natural oils to function optimally, and of course, look dewy.

Diffusers can benefit our overall health too

“Drink more water,” they said, but no-one ever imagined that adding a diffuser to your home can have such serious skin and health benefits. Besides clearing out your sinuses, diffusers can benefit people who suffer from dry skin and dry lips.

Of course, don’t forget to moisturise well, get enough sleep, and turn on your diffuser/ humidifier before you go to bed so you can wake up with that goddess-level glow.

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