Science Says, It’s Easier To Find Love When You Believe That You’re Pretty

At the end of the day, all we wish for is to love and to be loved.

While yes, finding love may not be that easy, but little did you know, unknowingly, you could be the reason why you’re still single. Often times, you could be thinking to yourself, “If only I was prettier, I’d have more of a chance with guys” — a statement that some of us are quite familiar with.

But.. is this true, or are you just afraid to even try? Read below to discover the things that might be blocking your pathway in finding love:

Wishing you could be more attractive

You may think that you aren’t beautiful enough to chat a guy up, and this could be holding you back from meeting the right guy. Always keep in mind that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and that you are perfect just the way you are.

Your physical appearance is just one tiny part of attraction and play a very temporary role for some people. It’s the inside that counts, so charm him with your personality instead.

Rather than spending hours and money into changing your imperfections, do the things that makes you happy such as picking up a new hobby, which would benefit you in the long run. Who knows, you might even meet the ‘one’ at that new hobby class of yours!

Waiting for Mr. Perfectly Right

Sometimes imperfections are perfections.

“Prince Charmings” are made for fairy tales.. which is exactly what it is, tales. No one is born perfect just like you and I.

Of course, it’s normal to have high expectations before pursuing a relationship. It’s also pretty acceptable to want someone with stable finances, good sense of humour and attractive to your eyes.

However, if you have a list of specific characteristic must-haves for your future boyfriend such as wanting someone with a great body like Channing Tatum, face like Zac Efron and so on, then that’s just ridiculous. When you are so busy waiting to mark all the right stuff on the checklist, you could risk missing out on Mr. Potentially Right, who may be your actual soulmate.

Be open. Perhaps that average man you never thought of looking at twice, could be the one you’ve been looking for. Even if he doesn’t own it all, perhaps you can both work together to achieve the goals in life, which can bring you both closer, because you’re experiencing the ups and downs together. Remember, sometimes imperfections are perfections.

Stop comparing

We’re living in a world where aesthetics and materialism has turned from lifestyle to needs – unrealistic needs. Moreover, the sad part is that we tend to compare ourselves to those who we only know through their social media profiles and not in real life.

You’ll probably think that the only way for you to be happy is if you own what the other person has. Or perhaps, you could be with someone that you love, only if you had her life, her looks as well as her career.

The truth is, what humans want will never be enough. One can only be happy if we’re content with what we own and how we make the most of it.

You’re not in love…with yourself

Finding someone to love can be hard but it’s even harder if you don’t love yourself. Once you are able to embrace taking care of your own needs, being in relationships may become easier and more intimate.

You no longer feel the need to hide your flaws and insecurities which allows you to feel more comfortable around others.

If there’s no self-love, you’ll never be able to appreciate and feel the love from others because deep down, you’ll always think that you’re never good enough and that you don’t deserve to be loved. Find time to fall in love with your genuine self, because when you feel good and content of your well-being, it shows.

To learn how to get a fulfilling relationship and how you can attract the right one, listen out to Meta Talk by Jessie Lee and Hannah Lo’s podcast on Ais Kacang.