Scheduling Beauty Appointments To Your Period Can Ease The Pain

Now usually the only thing that you would schedule according to your menstrual cycle is sexy time. But what if we told you, scheduling your beauty appointments according to your period can make a whole lot of difference?

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Beauty appointment app Treatwell shared this interesting advice and apparently, helps to avoid any discomfort you may feel during your appointments like hair removal and massage.

1. A Haircut: 10 Days Into Your Cycle

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The scientific reason behind this is due to the sebum changes. It’s the time where your hair is at its more “natural” state. After the cycle, the sebaceous glands become more active and makes your hair greasier. Now you know when to get best out of your salon appointment!

2. Hair Removal: The Week After Your Period Ends (Around Day 12)

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Any piercing, dental work or waxing appointment is best done after your period cycle. During menstruation, your hormone increases, which mean your skin is the most active and sensitive. This will only cause more pain and a higher chance for you to get rashes or ingrown hairs.

3. Facial: 10 Days Before Your Next Period Starts

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Deep exfoliation and cleansing facial works better during this time because progesterone, the hormone that triggers increased levels of sebum is at its highest. FYI if you’re suffering from breakouts while your vag-jay-jay is bleeding, having a facial 10-14 days before can help with that!

4. Manicure: Seven Days Before Your Next Period Starts

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Yes, there’s a perfect time for you to even get your nails done. But the best time for you to do your nails is seven days before your period. This is because oestrogen increases at this point and the hormone regulates nail growth, which means your nails may be longer and healthier!

5. Massage: While On Your Period (Days One – Seven)

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This is a bit odd but Treatwell recommends booking a massage slot when you’re on your period! Apparently, a full body relaxing massage with light pressure can do wonders on your body. Nothing like a good massage to fix your backache!