Scha Alyahya: “I Feel Like My Nose Is Too Big”

Sometimes, we don’t think twice before leaving a mean comment on social media, especially on the accounts of famous people.

A comment is a comment, and it’s bound to get buried in a realm of emojis. After all, these people probably won’t read your comment anyway. Or do they?

Scha Alyahya is a Malaysian actress, wife to Awal Ashaari and mom to five-year-old Lara Alana. She has come a long way since winning Dewi Remaja back in 2006, and with 4.8 million Instagram followers, she simply can’t help reading the occasional mean comment.

“People always talk about my nose. They will leave comments like ‘Lubang hidungmu tetap menjadi kepujaan hatiku.'” (translation: your nostrils tug at my heartstrings). Little did they know that Scha’s nose has been a source of insecurity for her, ever since she was young. “I felt like my nose was too big for my face and it made me feel really sad.”

Over time, she began to embrace her nose, since she couldn’t do much to change her features. “Back when I was a new actress, I had to deal with so many criticisms. I felt like I couldn’t please anyone.”

As she grew older, Scha realized that she couldn’t control what others said, but she could control herself. She began to accept constructive criticism and ignore those who didn’t matter. “In this industry, someone is bound to talk about you even if they don’t know you, and that’s OK.”

On Motherhood

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Oh mang ! Gambar lagi ?!!!

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The acclaimed actress shares her thoughts on raising her daughter Lara Alana while being a full-fledged career woman. “I’m just like any mom with a career, really. Maybe the only difference is that I’m in the public eye and everything I do kena berjaga-jaga.”

“As a mom, I try not to feel compelled to do everything at once. I take one thing at a time so I can fulfil my promises as a wife and a mom.”

As a mom, I try not to feel compelled to do everything at once.

When she’s about to leave for a trip out of state, the super mom makes sure to spend as much quality time as humanly possible with her daughter.

“I’m selective about my roles so I can have a career and be a mom without feeling guilty,” she said. “If I’m going to work and leaving my child at home every day, it can get pretty stressful. So I’m trying to do less of that and spend more time with Lara.”

On Social Media

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Scha believes that there’s so much unnecessary pressure on social media. “The makeup, the OOTDs, they’re all so picture perfect. It’s pretty hard to be yourself when everything is so curated.”

“In a world where everyone wants to be seen and heard, there’s so much competition to go viral. We need to stop making viral videos with rubbish messages.”

Stop making viral videos with rubbish messages

According to the actress, “If you take care of your image, someone will notice you. My image has been taken care of and built for years, and I made sure of that.”

On Embracing Her Natural Self

The ambassador of Downy Malaysia is an advocate for every woman to embrace her natural beauty. At Downy’s Celebrate Your Natural Self event, Scha revealed one surprising fact about herself.

“Actually, I’m an introvert and a very shy person. But when I leave for work I switch it up and try to be likeable, and make others feel comfortable in my presence.”

Actually, I’m an introvert and a very shy person.

“Most people think celebrities and actresses have it easier. We’re on TV every day and we have makeup artists to do our makeup, but honestly, I’m only like that at work, or when I’m at an event. Every other day, I’m just a wife and a mom like most women.”

Scha wouldn’t call herself a fan of Instagram makeup. “I prefer to look natural when I leave the house. We need to appreciate and embrace ourselves. You don’t need to be a celebrity to do that.”