Scandalous New K-Drama “The World Of The Married” Beat “Itaewon Class”’s Ratings In Just 6 Episodes

And as if that wasn’t enough, ‘The World of the Married’ outperforms even ‘Reply 1988,’ ‘Goblin,’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’!



Crazy isn’t it?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that there are more people at home during this global pandemic?

Or do we just have an undeniable attraction towards the scandalous lives we see on TV but won’t live through ourselves?


Either way, since its premiere on the 27th of March, “The World Of The Married” has proven that the K-drama scene is only getting better. Based on the 2015 British series, “Doctor Foster”, the 16-episode Korean adaptation does what K-dramas do best – take us on a rollercoaster of emotions we didn’t know we could feel. And while the drama centres around a doctor, Sun Woo (played by Kim Hee-ae) who seems to have it all – a flourishing career, a handsome husband and a son she adores – only to find out that he husband is cheating on her, there is nothing cliché about this drama. Instead, it borders on the genre of “psychological thriller”. Yeap, you read that right.



From the very first episode, we see Sun Woo find out about her husband’s extra-marital affair, so there’s no beating around the bush or draggy climax. Heck, the fact that the affair isn’t the main point of the drama gives “The World Of The Married” so much depth already. The original British drama took inspiration from Media, the Greek myth that involved a supportive wife whose husband leaves for another woman. As part of the myth, Medea then seeks vicious revenge. This premise is what the K-drama chooses to build on instead. TV drama critic, Yun Suk Jin told The Korea Herald that,


The fact that the cheating is revealed in the first episode shows that cheating itself is not what the story will expand on, but is only the motif of the story, which focuses on the main character and her surrounding relationships.”


What makes “The World Of The Married” such a hit is that Sun Woo, the female lead, refuses to become the tragic protagonist that is so often portrayed. Instead, she focuses on taking charge of the situation and Tae Oh, her husband, then takes the more manipulative and vulnerable role. We’ve seen affairs play out on TV but never in the way that this drama does it. Her determination to restore her perfect life is marred by her inability to trust those around her but this also gives us some of the more unpredictable and dangerous moments that make this drama so compelling.


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At present, “World of The Married” is preceded by Sky Castle (23.779%) and Crash Landing on You (21.683%) in terms of ratings. On MyDramaList, the drama has achieved a score of 9.1/10 and on IMDb, 8.8/10. Along with this, 95% of Google users have given this drama a thumbs up. However, with another 10 episodes to go before the finale, ratings are expected to match – if not surpass – that of the two abovementioned dramas.



At present, Netflix has yet to announce if it will take up “The World Of The Married” and stream it. With Netflix’s the deal with jTBC (hence Itaewon Class being on Netflix), they do have the right to the latest jTBC hit. It shouldn’t be long until it’s picked up by the streaming site. Until then, we leave you with this line from Sun Woo’s stereotype-busting role,


 “It’s not that women don’t know how to cheat. We’re just trying to keep the faith.”