Say No To Plastic With These ‘Naked’ Beauty Brands

Quoting an article from National Geographic, ‘We Depend on Plastic, Now We’re Drowning In It’ – let that thought sink in! It is a huge a problem in today’s world, not only to us but especially to the nature around us.

Just last month, a whale was found dead after being washed ashore in the Philippines. Shockingly, approximately 40kg of plastic waste was found in the animal’s stomach, which includes 16 rice sacks, 4 banana plantation bags and shopping bags.

In order to curb the plastic problem, brands are taking it one step further by offering reusable plastic packages and some – totally omitting the use of plastic.

1. Lush Cosmetics 

No stranger to eco-friendly products, Lush Cosmetics recently released it’s plastic packaging-free line called Naked Skincare. The products include facial oils, cleansing balms and eye masks. On top of that, the black pots used are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and if you bring back 5 empty Lush pots for recycling, you”ll get a Fresh Face Mask for FREE!

2. L’Occitane 

L’Occitane has always offered recyclable packaging from resources that are renewable and comes from sustainable managed forests. They’ve also reduced the weight of primary packaging to create less waste and stopped using outer packaging whenever possible. The best so far, its their refill pouches! Great to refill your bottle without the need of purchasing another container.

3. Elate Cosmetics 

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This vegan and cruelty free brand uses bamboo to package their makeup products. Not only that, the brand also offer refills! You’ll just have to purchase their compact that has small magnets at the back which holds onto the stainless tin’s product. Look how pretty its packaged!

4. The Olive Tree

#BYOB You can totally bring your own container, paper-bag or even handkerchief to package these handmade soaps and shampoo bars home as the bars are so “naked”.  Their products are also free from parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrances and colours. They recently launched their first package free store in Sunway Nexis. So you know what to do if you want to look after your beauty without feeling guilty!

5. Frangipani Bulk 

Frangipani Bulk is an awesome place that sells everything organic and eco-friendly from bamboo toothbrush, organic naked deodorant, refillable organic neutral toothpaste so many more. Let’s do the zero waste challenge with Frangipani Bulk!