Save An Animal From Homelessness This International Homeless Animals Day

According to a recent article by the New Straits Times, a total of 38 cases of dogs and cats being dumped has been reported around the city during the Movement Control Order (MCO). The number only includes the pets reported abandoned in KL – the number does not include the unreported cases not does it include those abandoned in other parts of Malaysia. Speaking to Malaysia Animal Association president, Arie Dwi Andika, that both cats and dogs (with and without collars) have been found abandoned by the roadside. These domesticated pets, used to the comforts of home, are now messy and scared – alone to fend for themselves.




This is where shelters, organisations and animal rescuers come in. Through their efforts, these kind souls spend their hours, days, weeks and years caring for and giving the voiceless a second chance at a comfortable, loving life. And if you’re unsure of how exactly to get in touch with them, we’ve got you covered.



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"One man's trash is another pet's treasure." Thank you for such a gorgeous donation! From the moment the cats saw it, they’ve been enjoying their new cat tower immensely. For those of you who are wondering how you can contribute to the shelter, you can donate anything you think may help the shelter. Especially cat wet or dry food, towels, food bowls, rice, newspaper for bedding, even scrap paper for office use! You can even donate old/used items of your pet. Not only can you help the shelter, you generate less waste and save the environment by letting us reuse your old items. 😊❤️ . . . #paws #pawspj #animals #animal #adoption #petrescue #adoptdontshop #opttoadopt #nonprofitorganization #dog #cat #shelterdogs #shelterdog #sheltercat #sheltercats #pet

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Established in 1987, PAWS (PAWS Animal Welfare Society) – a non-profit animal shelter in Petaling Jaya for both cats and dogs – have the gargantuan task of vaccinating, deworming, neutering/spaying and putting these babies in good homes. And in conjunction with International Homeless Animals Day today, on August 15th, PAWS have found a new way to unite furry friends with their forever homes. Through the use of AR (augmented reality), a visit to PAWS is now made even more special as you view your furkid in a new light. Add a touch of glitz and glamour to these adorable pups and kittens with a series of Augmented Reality (AR) powered Lenses for both dogs and cats. They also have a ‘Dog Scan’ that will allow you to detect and recognise over 400 breeds.


2. My Pets Haven

Run by someone many would call a hero and affectionately known as Aunty Aileen, My Pets Haven located in Setia Alam is both a pet supply store and grooming centre as well as a safe place lost and lonely pets. By 2018, Aunty Aileen had saved over 200 stray cats and dogs, and today, she continues to dedicate her life to the cause. My Pets Haven relies on donations from the public to help with the bills related to the upkeep of the animals in their care. They also welcome volunteers any day to help out. All the furbabies that are rescued are treated for any existing injuries and or illnesses and given tonnes of love before being put up for adoption!


3. Second Chance Animal Rescue


SCAS started from the rescue of 12 motherless fur babies at a wet market in Jalan Kelang Lama in September 2009. It is operating as an NGO and has a strict no-kill policy. Over the years, SCAS has saved more than a thousand stray dogs in Selangor and successfully rehomed about 50% of them. At SCAS shelter, they work to rehome the furbabies they rescue as well as to educate society on the concept of “Adopt, Don’t Buy” and “Neuter, Don’t Multiple to save lives”. At the moment, the SCAS shelter houses over 400 dogs rescued from injury, abuse and abandonment. SCAS members and volunteers are working hard to find them homes after they have returned to full health


4. Furry Friends Farm

Furry Friends Farm (FFF) was established in 2006 by its late founder, Sabrina Yeap, who died a sudden death in July 2012. It is located on a 2-acre piece of land in Kundang. A new team took over after Sabrina’s passing and registered FFF as a society. Currently, the registered NGO runs a haven and sanctuary for 500 animals – dogs, cats, a goat name Rajoo (who thinks he’s a dog) chickens and rabbits. FFF’s mission is to spread love, kindness and compassion to all animals, not just to dogs and cats only. What makes FFF unique is that it is a humane sanctuary. It does not kill any animals – and that goes for every living creature within the perimeter of the sanctuary.





Give the lovely furbabies looking for a home a second chance! Adoption will not only save the life of the pet you are adopting but will also make room and free up precious resources for another animal that the shelter will take in. Adopting an animal from a shelter is the best way to help the shelter continue its work! And if that is not possible, consider donating to the shelters – your time, cash donations or food items can go a long way in helping them care for more lonely, abandoned furbabies.