3 Red Flags You’ll Only Notice After Moving In Together

Falling in love is wonderful, and maybe you’re so in love to the point that you’re both ready to take your relationship to the next level by moving in together.

Moving in together can be exciting, but you never know what it’s like to truly live together until you do. Some couples prefer to move in together before marriage so they can see what living with each other is like.

You don’t have to be at the marriage stage to move in together, but we’re sure you’d be pretty serious about each other. While the transition can be pretty tough until home feels like home, here are 3 red flags that you’ll probably only notice after moving in together.

1. Inability to compromise

There’s an amount of compromise in every relationship, it’s all about giving and taking. Unfortunately, not everyone can live with a Sheldon Cooper. If you didn’t watch The Big Bang Theory, this term refers to someone who can’t compromise, not one bit. The inability to compromise on small things like what to make for dinner and where do the clothes go can signify bigger conflicts ahead. Take the time to calmly speak to your partner about your needs, and listen to his point of view too. It’s also your home now.

2. Incessant blaming

Neither you nor your partner is perfect. However, if your partner starts to blame you for the mess in the house, there may be a red flag waving right in front of your face here. Getting the short end of the stick can hurt. When two people live in a house, the mess belongs to them both. Instead of taking it out on your partner, though, try communicating with him nicely, like, “Can we clean up together after dinner?”

3. Not prioritizing your relationship

When you start to lose sight of the future in your relationship, you may need to speak to your partner about it. Living together doesn’t mean that the romance is dead – in fact, you get more opportunities to be together and wow each other. But that’s how the world works, right? It’s important to keep having fun and spicing things up, especially when you’re living together.

Incompatible living styles don’t mean that you need to put an end to the relationship, it just means that you may have to work out some things together. However, if you find that your relationship is becoming toxic, maybe you need to take a look at our Pillow Talk video in which we consulted an expert on what constitutes a toxic or abusive relationship.