Red Flags You Might’ve Missed From Guys Like Joe

Remember Joe Goldberg from Netflix’s hit show You?

Acted by Penn Badgley a.k.a Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey, he seemed like the perfect guy that girls can only dream of. What’s not to like — he’s creative, funny, thoughtful, charming, self-effacing and kind of cute! That is, until Joe starts showing his sick and twisted dark-side.

However, even after this sweet, caring boyfriend turns into a frenzied stalker-turned serial killer, some of us still gushed over Joe. P/S: The guy’s a murderer, people!

This isn’t the first time the media portrayed these type of men as “hot” — such as Ted Bundy, portrayed by Zac Efron in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Is it because it’s a movie that we seem to think that it’s okay or are we actually attracted to bad guys in real life? If you’re one of the guilty ones, here are some red flags!

So oblivious because of his good looks 

In an interview with The New York Times, Penn mentioned that Joe got away with so many things because of his good looks. He said, “In my experience, it tends to be men who are more horrified by Joe”. How many times have you been oblivious of the guy’s wrongdoings only because you were blinded by charms and good looks? SAME. The moment he apologises for it, you go soft on him.

You didn’t realise how possessive he has become

You know how Joe seems to be appearing everywhere Guinevere Beck is? You might fall for him because he seems to be always there when you need someone, totally missing how he is actually possessive! He wants to be with you all the time, till one day, it’ll just hit you that you’re suffocating.

He mind-f**ks YOU

Honestly, that tweet is so damn real. Sometimes we get so lost in the relationship, that we’ve become so complacent with our partner. Love is blind anyways, and we always value our partner’s thoughts. We lose the very essence of ourselves and  beliefs! Say if our partner doesn’t enjoy hanging out with our friends and claims they’re toxic, you might just start to believe they are.