Breaking Out? Here’s Everything You’re Doing Wrong Despite Skincare

Every night, we make it a point to remove our makeup, quite religiously, even though we’re dead tired. Then, we do our skincare routine painstakingly, intensely and we hope for the best results a.k.a. clear skin.

But that doesn’t happen – instead, your skin breaks out, probably worse than the day before. Gurl, what have we done wrong here?

Well, skincare isn’t just about the routine. There are many factors at play too, clear skin is a whole other lifestyle, and we know it. Here are four possible reasons why your skin isn’t as flawless as it should be.

1. Smoking

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Tobacco smoke destroys your collagen cells, which increases how your skin shows the signs of ageing. According to celebrity skin guru Renée Rouleau:

“Heavy smokers are nearly five times more likely to be wrinkled than non-smokers.”

Fibroblasts, which are the cells that produce collagen, produces 40% less collagen when exposed to tobacco smoke, and you may start to see signs of ageing around the eye area.

2. Not changing your pillowcase every week

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You may not want to hear this but lots of bacteria that could potentially clog your pores live on your pillowcase. Most dermatologists would recommend acne sufferers to change their pillowcase once every 7 days to prevent bacteria from growing and spreading. An alternative would be to wrap your pillow with on a cotton towel and change it instead.

3. Loading up on too much skincare products

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Too much skincare products, like chemical exfoliators, retinol and essences may cause the product to clog up your pores instead. Some skincare ingredients work against each other too, and that may irritate your skin.

“Too much of a good thing – like over-exfoliating your skin with multiple acids and/or mechanical beads – can result in redness, irritation, dryness, and worsened breakouts.” –  dermatologist and skincare expert Dr Jeanette Graf.

You can absolutely overdo it, but it won’t be good for your skin.

4. The food you eat

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Sometimes, the food you eat may not always be good for your skin. For example, dairy products can cause cystic acne to become worse. The hormones found in dairy products can trigger excessive oil production in one’s skin and hence cause more acne. Meanwhile, salt may cause water retention which results in swelling and bloating. Consume more foods rich in antioxidants like avocados, berries, spinach, dark-skinned grapes, and cantaloupe.