6 Reasons Why Women Communicate Better Than Men

Women tend to speak three times more than the average man, but does that mean we’re better communicators? Science says yes.

Communication isn’t just about talking – it includes nonverbal cues, reading emotions and effective listening. Thankfully, women tend to excel at all of these, according to science.

Studies have found that women communicate better than men. It’s because of how our brains are wired and how we’ve been conditioned to care for others. Here are 6 reasons why women communicate better than men, and it’s not just because we talk more.

1. Women possess more of the ‘language protein’

Research has found that women possess more of the ‘language protein’ compared to men. Before you think it’s a secret weapon unearthed from a magical wonderland, please know that both women and men have it. Women just have more of it. That’s why the average woman is able to speak three times more words than the average man. Baby girls were discovered to have more of the ‘language protein,’ and as they grew up, they tended to speak with greater comprehension and complexity than boys their age. So girls, we started young, that’s why we’re so good at it!

2. Women read between the lines

While men tend to look at the big picture, women have the ability to read between the lines. It’s how our brains are wired. Women have more connection between their brain hemispheres than men, allowing us to remember the tiniest of details – recalling emotions, body language and even tone of voice. To a woman, every part of the story is connected and important. Meanwhile, a man may just be able to recall the facts. Women may be more willing to tell the story and take in more details too. That’s why we feel like men tend to miss the point sometimes – it’s just that our brains are wired to take in different pieces of information separately.

3. Women are better at reading social cues

Women have been conditioned to care about others around them, even more so than men. Women can read if someone is feeling uncomfortable or not saying exactly what’s on their mind. Sometimes, women can also tell is someone is being vindictive or vengeful – honestly, it’s not your imagination! We’re also better at identifying emotions and processing them, so we can see when someone is unhappy and try to comfort them (or leave them alone, if we’re not acquainted well). While women can identify emotions at a glance, men may need some time to think before identifying the said emotion. Ladies, if you find that your boo doesn’t understand what you’re feeling, perhaps it’ll be easier if you just tell him.

4. Women communicate to connect

Most women enjoy communicating because it forms relationships. We enjoy speaking and entertaining our friends because it makes us feel closer to each other. On the other hand, men may not enjoy communicating as much, hence they communicate only when it’s needed. When women communicate, we’re able to connect with people and their stories. We communicate because we care. Sometimes, men communicate to compete, so they tend to miss out on cues and chances to form a relationship. Women are constantly keeping in touch with those whom they communicate with, like via texting and social media. Men aren’t so up-to-date. Women may not always get exactly straight to the point, we go straight to your heart.

5. Women are effective listeners

Effective listening includes the act of listening attentively and processing what someone else has to say. While a man may start searching for a reply or a solution when someone is venting to them, a woman may offer a listening ear instead. She won’t usually be trying to come up with a perfect reply. Even as girls, we tend to tell our girlfriends about our problems because they’ll let us vent. If you want to search for a solution, she will help you, but first of all, she’ll hear you out and try to see things from your perspective.

6. Women are better at expressing themselves

There’s a difference between telling a story because you’re obliged to and telling a story because you want to. Women want to communicate. They’re so much more in touch with their intuition and emotions than men are, so they can say exactly what they feel, or project it through their body language. While men may not use non-verbal cues as often, women use them quite a lot in every conversation. You’ll see her hand gestures, her enthusiasm, and listen to her tone of voice as it goes from I’m beginning the story to I’m spilling the tea. Women get more excited about communicating to others than men do, hence they often choose to express their views instead of suppressing it.

All right ladies, so now you know why your boo sometimes totally misses your cues. Use these biological communication skills to your advantage and conquer the world. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or Tweet to us at @wearelikely.