7 Reasons Why YouTuber James Charles Is Getting The Heat

Tati Westbrook a.k.a. Glam Life Guru on YouTube and the mom of the Internet’s beauty community dragged her BFF James Charles’ career to the dust. In a 43-minute video titled “Bye Sister” Tati revealed that James Charles was disrespectful towards her, manipulated people’s sexuality, and

“Fame, power and a fat bank account will change almost anyone.” – Tati Westbrook.

If you want some backstory, Tati has been like a mentor to James. She was the first beauty guru to openly welcome him into the YouTube beauty community and started his career by giving him opportunities and negotiating deals. Plus, most of us may remember that James Charles was the makeup artist for Tati’s wedding.

Two years ago, James was not welcome in the beauty community and Tati wanted to help him because she felt like he had the potential to change things in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, it appeared to Tati that James could be “easily bought.”

1. He allegedly betrayed and disrespected Tati (a.k.a. his beauty guru mom)

After all she has done for you, James, really? Tati was particularly upset about one incident in which he advertised Sugarbearhair gummies in his Instagram story. If you’re a fan of hers, you’ll know that our zen queen doesn’t get upset often. They’re not just gummies, though. Sugarbearhair is a direct competitor of Tati’s multivitamins brand, Halo Beauty. It doesn’t matter that while he always appeared on her YouTube channel, she rarely appeared on his, but this was the last straw. She also accused him of spreading lies about her.

“For you to lie to me and make me the villain, and go around and circulate a story to work on your side saying I’m loving the drama because it’s improving sales.” – Tati Westbrook

“He knew this would hurt me,” she said, in the video. She also didn’t buy James’ story about having trouble with security and Sugarbearhair helping him out. If he did have security issues, he could have walked away. Why would Sugarbear hair have a promo contract ready in the first place? Something isn’t clicking and we’re glad Tati is ditching this friendship.

2. James Charles has no dinner table manners whatsoever

Time and place, James. You can’t talk about sucking d*ck in front of your parents and make sexual comments at other people’s birthday dinners. Or any other meals, really. After her birthday dinner in which James made sexual comments about their waiter, Tati had to call all her friends up the next morning to apologize for his behavior.

3. He tried to make a documentary to “expose” the dark side of the beauty community

Tati herself felt like this was extremely disrespectful towards the beauty community. As the phrase goes, don’t sh*t where you eat, and James definitely got on the wrong side of everyone else for clout. Those assless leather pants didn’t help him too much either.

4. James Charles is a sexual predator

At Coachella, James allegedly sexually harassed a male model and tried to coerce him into “experimenting with his sexuality,” effectively manipulating a straight man into thinking that he was gay. Meanwhile, YouTube beauty guru Jeffree Star also weighed in, saying that he has banned James Charles from his house because the boy is a “danger to society.”

At Tati’s birthday dinner, James Charles sexually harassed the waiter and kept making sexual insinuations despite being told off. His only reply was:

“It doesn’t matter, I’m a celebrity.”

5. He made his fans wait for 2 hours at his meet-and-greet

James made his fans in Australia wait for two hours at his meet-and-greet (which they paid $500 for) while he filmed the 8-minute apology video.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be standing in the hot sun and waiting for the world’s most hated beauty guru whose tickets were more expensive than Beyonce’s concert? James’ fanbase are usually young girls between the ages of 12 and 14, so their parents would be worried!

6. He has artists photoshop his photos… but doesn’t pay them


James himself is a 19-year-old multimillionaire who gets artists to photoshop his makeup looks for Instagram-worthiness but doesn’t pay them, according to MUA Kevin Kodra who was not paid for his work with James.

7. He steals looks from other makeup artists

He asked Twitter user and makeup artist Divina where she got her wig from so he could get it and copy the look for himself! Clearly, at that moment, James lacked inspiration. To quote Tati Westbrook:

“Get off your high horse and have some respect. You don’t have any for the people who are in the industry and that’s a sad fact.”

So what happens now? As his YouTube subscribers drop like flies by the millions, we can only wait and see what James does next, if we care to. Morphe already dropped him, and he made a palette with them too! However, James has since made an apology video which garnered millions of views. He mentioned that he’s sorry he has hurt Tati and jeopardized their friendship. He also mentioned that he was disappointed in himself.

Well, that’s all the tea we managed to gather for now. Bye, sister! We hope that James learns from this experience and will improve in due time. He’s still young, and maybe he had earned his money and fame too fast. What do you think?