3 Reasons Why Forehead Kisses Make Us Feel So Lovey-Dovey

We share a lot of different types of kisses with our partners, some are obviously turn-on-worthy, while others have a deeper meaning behind it.

From first kisses to French kisses, the one kiss that makes us melt and lose all common sense is the much-loved forehead kiss. Have you been kissed on the forehead before? It’s pretty hard to explain how you feel during and after the kiss – it’s almost euphoric.

It makes become all anime heart eyes towards our partner, and we can’t blame him for sure, he knows where our sweet spot is, the forehead. Here are 3 reasons why forehead kisses make us feel so lovey-dovey. By the way, we’d suggest you kiss your partner back and let him feel the love.

1. A kiss on the forehead means you share a meaningful connection

A forehead kiss is very different from a typical kiss on the lips. While a kiss on the lips indicates an attraction that’s within the sexual spectrum (although not necessarily so), a kiss on the forehead hints at a deeper understanding between you and your partner. It indicates a relationship that’s emotionally, and perhaps spiritually close; when your partner is fond of you, that’s when the forehead kisses come in.

2. Forehead kiss = kissing your soul

There’s a scientific reason why forehead kisses give us all the feels. The warmth and pressure from someone’s lips on your forehead stimulates the pineal gland, which releases feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine to make you feel immense joy. When your partner kisses you on the forehead, he’s kissing your soul. In some ways, it’s much better for your mental health than a regular kiss on the lips (which is OK, but it’s so not a forehead kiss).

3. Your partner likes you for you

Being liked for who you are is so important these days. In relationships, we’re usually wondering if our partner like us for being ourselves, or if they’d prefer someone else, which is usually the source of our insecurities. If you’re receiving forehead kisses, say no more – your partner is really fond of you and you’re perfect in his eyes. It’s a kiss that communicates how much he adores you. In his mind, he’s probably thinking something along the lines of a BTS song, “You are the cause of my euphoria.”