4 Reasons Why Being In Love Is Good For Your Mental Health

Let’s be honest, falling in love is such a pleasant thing. You get butterflies in your tummy like you just wanna write your first name and your partner’s last name in a diary over, and over again.

Meanwhile, your heart beats faster when you see your partner, but it feels like a zillion pleasant heartbeats, all at once. My heart beats for you.

If you’ve been reeling from this lovey-dovey feeling, science says your brain really does undergo some changes when you’re in love. Like, parts of your brain will literally light up under an MRI scan, when you’re speaking about your better half.

1. Your brain processes more rewards and less fear

Apparently, being in love decreases activity in parts of the brain associated with fear and dislike. Meanwhile, activity in parts of the brain associated with sex, love and reward increases. This means that being in love will put you in a good mood almost right away – because there are so many good things happening in your mind and less negative thoughts. If you were a character in Inside Out, Joy would rule!

2. You’ll be so, so happy

Cuddling with your partner increases oxytocin levels in your brain, a.k.a. the love hormone. In fact, most physical stuff can do this. From simply holding hands to getting down and dirty in bed. Speaking of sex, oxytocin intensifies your orgasm – which leads to even more happiness. Plus, it also helps you remember all the good memories and increases your desire to bond with your better half. No wonder people who are in love often glow from the inside!

3. Increased emotional dependency

If you haven’t noticed it yet, lovebirds are usually so infatuated with one another. Don’t judge them – it’s their brain at work. All that dopamine released when you’re in love gives you a sense of happiness and an intense craving to always be around your partner. When your partner is away, your dopamine levels may decrease drastically, which results in an intense feeling of sadness known as I miss you, and please come back soon.

4. You’ll be less stressed

Okay, so you’ve had, like the worst day ever but a hug from your boo made it all better. It’s not just the magic of being in love – there’s a science behind this too. A study done called “The Neurobiology of Love” from the University Medicine Berlin found that being in love helps our brain to psychologically overcome stressful situations. Plus, the lack of stress will help you make better decisions in real life. Awesome! 

Hey, research finds that dopamine boosts cognitive skills. So if you wanna get smart the fast way, now is the time to fall in love.