Ramona Zamzam To The Internet: “Stop Asking When We’ll Have A Baby”

Malaysian actress, model and TV host Ramona Zamzam has a few words for Malaysians who constantly ask that one question.

The former Dewi Remaja contestant shared that while she was hosting a Q&A session on Facebook, a follower asked how she could handle the sadness when others enquired when she was going to have a baby.

While Ramona herself has never experienced such a situation, she tried her best to comfort her follower.

Source: Ramona Zamzam Instagram

“It’s OK to not have a baby early. Marriage is so much more than that,” she said.

Ramona added that she hasn’t watched a movie in the cinema with her husband ever since her daughter, Ivanna was born in December 2017 because they couldn’t ever find the time.

“Enjoy your marriage. Your time will come insyaAllah.” – Ramona Zamzam

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When Ramona posted her answer, she found that many women had experienced the same situation. Some of them replied to her Instagram story, saying that her answer made them cry.

“You’ll never know what a person is going through, or just went through,” she said.

Ramona shared that she has met some of her friends who successfully got a baby after a few years or after IVF.

She went on, “But I have also met those who tried everything and didn’t become pregnant yet. These people are always down. When they meet other people who ask ‘when will you have a baby?’, they get scared, worried and depressed.”

“We feel like ‘When will you have a baby?’ is such a simple question, but have we thought about the extent of how it might affect some people? No, we don’t.”

She shared some of the heartbreaking replies to her stories. One of her followers shared that people constantly asked if she was pregnant again after her miscarriage last year.

Source: Ramona Zamzam FB

Source: Ramona Zamzam FB

The actress stated, “Maybe some people happen to ask out of ‘excitement’. But still, if you ask someone whether they’re pregnant again and again, that’s being nosy and simply mocking.”

“Please, stop this. Let’s not let this go on in our culture. It’s sad.” – Ramona Zamzam