5 M’sian Public Figures Who Were Allegedly Cyberbullied On Social Media

Being a public figure is tough. The glitz, glam and advocacy seem great, but people don’t ever see the dark side of being a public figure, like a celebrity, especially in the era of social media.

Public figures are more often than not, victims of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying happens when people leave demeaning comments online, and these people are usually hiding behind “anonymous” accounts.

Anyway, here are five very prominent figures who allegedly faced cyberbullying on social media. Some of them have even deactivated their social media accounts altogether because of this.

1. Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah

Just a few days ago, our Raja Permaisuri Agong has deactivated her Twitter account, allegedly due to toxic comments from other Twitter users. Prior to this, our sweet queen often Tweeted about her husband, her cats and her family.

An update revealed that the queen had reactivated her Instagram account, and deactivated it for personal reasons, and not due to negative comments. She advised the police to not make any arrests to those who commented negatively towards her and her husband.

After that, Tunku Azizah once again deactivated her Instagram account. We stan our queen! Check out her skincare routine – it’s pretty affordable.

2. Dr. Amalina Bakri

Dr. Nur Amalina Che Bakri is a surgeon by profession and a woman with a passion for fashion. Based in UK, Dr. Amalina is no stranger to negative comments on social media, despite her achievements and continuous efforts to spread empowering messages. She deactivated her account for a while back in January 2019 and has recently started Tweeting again.

3. Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza

As one of Malaysia’s most successful singers, Siti Nurhaliza is no stranger to negative remarks from online trolls. Netizens would criticize her for the smallest things, like accuse her of being “too obsessed” with her child. Fortunately, she clapped back by saying that there’s nothing wrong her being obsessed with her child. After all, she did wait 11 years.

4. Haneesya Hanee

The Dewi Remaja finalist was cyberbullied because people didn’t like her skin colour. Even as the young woman advocates for her dark-skinned sisters to love their skin tone, people will accuse her of seeking attention. Haneesya takes it in her stride and continues to clap back (elegantly) at her haters.

5. Nora Danish

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Malaysian actress Nora Danish is no stranger for being on the receiving end of hurtful comments. She receives a slew of comments on Instagram every day, some of them not nice at all, yet she continues to whether through the hateful trolls. Some of them even called her baby “Shrek.” Most recently, the actress was attacked by online comments for her holiday outfit. Thankfully, Nora doesn’t let those comments bother her and stands up for her children on social media.

If you think someone is cyberbullying you, please report them to the online moderator at the “report abuse” section or visit https://aduan.skmm.gov.my/ for more info.