PSA: Your Fingerprints May Be Stolen From Your “Peace” Sign Selfies

We may take lots of photos together but what’s the first pose you think of when it’s time for a candid photos?

For most of us, we’d do the peace sign, because it’s what everyone else does!

If your parents were annoyed with you for those “peace” sign photos, they may have been right for a reason.

Cybercriminals could be copying your fingerprints

Besides the fact that our parents could have seen into the future, cybercriminals are looking to powerful zoom functions to copy your fingerprints, according to an article on South China Morning Post.

If held close enough to the camera, photo-magnifying and artificial intelligence tech could extract the perfect fingerprint copy and get your details there.

How far do your photos have to be so they can’t copy your fingerprints?

The article then advises that people holding up the “peace” signs closer than 3 meters away from their phone should not publish it to the internet.

Apparently, a peace-sign photo taken any closer than 1.5 meters can be used to restore 100% of the fingerprints, while photos within that range to just under 3 meters can be used to restore 50% of your fingerprints.

What happens when they copy your fingerprints?

That’s some black mirror stuff, and all from a simple “peace” sign selfie! We’d admit that it’s pretty prevalent among us Asians. Once they have your fingerprints, criminals could falsify your identity and attempt to cash in on your bank accounts.

Guess we’ll have to do the “reverse” peace sign now. Otherwise, you can always blur out your fingerprints before posting the photos.