PSA: Working Women Should Get An Off Day On Their Period

Women make up 40% of the global workforce, yet nothing has been said about giving women a day off when they’re menstruating. Some women have to take a day or two off during the first few days of their period, simply because of the unbearable pain. In other words, women in the global workforce are already taking days off when they experience period pain.

Critics say that period leave may worsen gender equality in the workplace while supporters of period leave believe that it’s unfair to women if they have to use up their medical leave allocation to deal with something as natural as menstruation. Some women have bearable periods while other who suffer from endometriosis have to suffer with debilitating pain and irregular periods, even whilst they’re at work.

Having our period is a natural process and should be part of the conversation when we’re trying to strive for workplace equality. After all, we’re pretty sure men would have implemented the period leave policies if they were the ones menstruating.

Enforcement of period leave policies

In Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, and certain provinces in China, women are allowed paid time off when they’re having their periods. Even so, some women in these countries fear that they could be perceived as ‘weak’ compared to men. Few take advantage of it, and only women who really need the time off would utilize it and work from home. Period leaves allow women to nurse their pain, work from the comfort of their homes, and return to work re-energized and refreshed. It does not diminish productivity. Instead, working while you’re in dreadful pain may be even more unproductive than taking time off.

What can companies do about ‘period leave’?

Period leave is optional, of course. Language experts suggest that calling it ‘period leave’ outright can have a negative stigma in corporations, so experts suggest that women can take time off or work from home, if their jobscope allows it. In the conversation about periods, men’s opinions should be taken lightly simply because they do not have periods. Male colleagues, male bosses, they may dominate the workforce now but what do they know about women’s needs at a workplace?

Women must be involved in the decision when it comes to implementing policies for period leaves. Women need a working environment where they can utilize period leave whenever they need and not be judged harshly for it. Period leaves can increase productivity and motivate an employee to work hard for a company that protects their welfare.

Do you think women should get period leave? How do you get through your period days in the office? Let us know in the comments below.