PSA: Drinking Coffee In The Morning Can Actually Make You More Stressed

Here’s how a typical morning for the average Malaysian woman looks like; commute to work, set your stuff down, and grab a cup of coffee.

You wouldn’t have guessed that your morning cup of coffee isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world – not because it’s caffeine or whatever, you’re just drinking it at the wrong time!

Even though you may ‘need’ it, a cup of coffee in the morning just isn’t that great, and here’s why.

Why you shouldn’t drink coffee in the morning

Having coffee first thing in the morning can increase your cortisol levels which can affect ovulation, weight, and your hormones. ICYMI, cortisol is the stress hormone, which perks you up in the morning and makes you feel alert. Without coffee, your cortisol levels are already high in the morning.

While coffee culture has made us believe that we’re in need of the good stuff, drinking caffeine first thing in the morning can cause your stress hormones to spike up at night, leading to insomnia.

High cortisol = more stress

If you plan to be on a diet, your coffee in the morning may set your cortisol levels so high that it can make you gain weight instead. When you’re constantly stimulating your brain to produce the stress hormone, of course you’d be more stressed throughout the day.

This can lead to increased production of insulin and blood sugar, which causes weight gain and a compromised immune system. Plus, watch out for the extra acid your empty stomach needs to produce to digest coffee!

So, when is the best time to have a cup of coffee?

The best time to pour yourself a cup of coffee is between 9.30am and noon, only after you’ve had a meal, of course. Foods rich in calcium like yoghurt, spinach or chia seeds may help neutralize the acidity in coffee.

You may be dependent on the caffeine in coffee already, which is why you’re feeling groggy in the morning despite high cortisol levels. At this point in time, coffee will give you a real energy boost!