Pregnant Again, Bella Astillah Reveals Why She Forgives Aliff Aziz For Cheating

Bella Astillah announced shocking news a couple days back when she and Aliff Aziz had been reunited as husband and wife during the iddah period. In fact, Bella also admitted she was pregnant with her second child. 

It is undeniable that the news shocked many and immediately after it went viral, a number of assumptions and questions emerged from netizens. Though, some fans heavily criticized Bella for wanting to continue torturing herself and accepting a man who had previously hurt her heart, numerous times.

For those who are unaware, the couple was divorced last year around May when Aliff Aziz was caught cheating with different women on several different occasions. He was also caught drunk on the street of Singapore and involved in a physical fight, couple of days after the divorce was announced. 

Many ridicule me, make fun of me, and so on, but I forgive them. Afterall, I just focus on the better future

However, Bella said she received all the criticisms openly and refused to take too much light on the matter. He (Aliff Aziz) also forgave the netizens who insulted him. In an Instagram live recently, singer and actress, Bella reveals that the reason she’s renewing her marriage with Aliff is because the decision was made for her beloved son to grow up in a full, healthy family.

She said, ‘’I’ve made my choice for my child to have a full parent and who’s willing to try and fix each other’s mistakes before. It’s easy for people to judge, but only me and my family know the main purpose of it. And it’s enough. The man (Aliff Aziz) is not perfect’’. 

There was no intention of asking for sympathy or whatsoever… what I did was to show what lesson could be learn from all of these

Regardless, Bella asked all her followers to pray for the best decision. She admits that she learned a lot from past experiences as well. “Bitter memories but a great lesson for all. Thank you for your prayers,” she ended.