6 Types Of Crystals & Gemstones That’ll Improve Your Life

Crystals are not only beautiful, but they actually have healing properties. People have been using stones and crystals for thousands of years to release any physical, mental or spiritual problems. Widely used by healers and shamans, it is believed that these gems can help one to connect with healing energy of the planet because they come from Earth.

Each stones and crystals are unique and heal various aspects of our lives. On top of that, crystals are known to vibrate at the same pitch as humans, in which the resonance between stones and human can fight off the vibration of illness as well as improve the vibration of health.

Before getting a stone or crystal for yourself, here’s what you need to ask yourself — What are your goals? What do you want to achieve in life?

1. For a boost of energy 

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Source: Silverenhancements (Bloodstone)

Need some energy to help you through the day? Try wearing a Bloodstone crystal! It is said to increase your drive and enthusiasm, decrease lethargy and negative thoughts. Back then, the Bloodstone crystal was worn as an amulet to purify the blood. When the blood flow is smooth, the life force will be stronger.

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Source: Etsy (Ruby Crystal)

You can also wear a Ruby Crystal, which is a red crystal. They’re known to energize and stimulate movements and give you motivations.

2. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Amethyst Point Necklace - Amethyst Crystal Necklace - Gold Necklace - Bohemian Necklace - Gift - OOAK

Source: Style Korean (Amethyst)

It’s safe to say we all could use a little help in dealing with stress. Crystals can help offer some relief in that department. Amethyst in particular is known to curb anxiety, dispel fear, rage, anger and balance mood swings. If you’re an empath, own one! As it will help you ward off bad energy while attracting more positive energy. Just place it under your pillow at night and it will even help get rid of nightmares.

3. Help With Anger Management & Resentment 

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Source: Vibrant Souls (Rhodonite)

Not a person who forgives easily? Crystals might be able to break down the barriers of forgiveness, like resentments, anger and sadness.

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Source: The Jewellery Editor (Malachite)

Rhodonite is said to help one embrace a situation that brings anger or sadness with the feeling of love. Meanwhile, meditating with Malachite can aid in any major trauma that you face in life.

4. Improve Career 

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Source: ZenUpStore (Obsidian)

Obsidian is used to ensure everything runs smoothly, be it a multi-million-dollar project or running a team. It’ll give you the power, strength and confidence to show that you are not afraid to take on challenges.

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Source: Wanderlust (Serpentine)

If you’ve just started a new job or a new position, Serpentine can help you deal with changes.

5. Prosperity 

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Source: Austin Down to Earth (Peridot)

A Peridot, which is a green-hued crystal like an emerald is said to represent wealth and ancestral money. For those of you struggling with debt, this is the stone for you.

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Source: Livemaster (Tiger’s Eye)

Meanwhile, owning a Tiger’s Eye not only attract abundance but it also improves your patience and money-making skills.

6. Finding Love 

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Source: Obecy Store

Rose Quartz, a pretty pink crystal is said to open and heal the energy of the heart. It exudes vibration of compassion, beauty and love. Not only will it bring love to you but can also encourage you to love yourself and forgive past relationships that has hurt you. So if you’re single and looking for that perfect someone, place two rose quartz crystals near your bedside. Fingers crossed!