Plants & 4 Other Cute Stuff To Elevate Your Crib

If you’ve lived in the city for a while, you probably haven’t been surrounded by the goodness of greenery unless you’ve got a garden in your home… or as we MTV lovers say, “crib.”

For most of us, though, we haven’t seen a leaf unless it’s in our soup. We need to change that because millennials are going back to a plant-based home, for many good reasons.

House plants can really elevate the look of your space and bring good energy to your home. Here are some house plants and four other decoratives that can revamp your whole apartment.

1. Plants

Source: Pinterest

Looking at the greenery of house plants can actually help our eyes relax after a long day of staring at our laptop and phone screens. Besides giving your space a totally zen feel, house plants are easier to take care of than, say, live pets.

2. Knitting

Source: Pinterest

A cosy knitted blanket can transform your whole home with the autumn feel. Sure, we may not experience autumn here, but we’ll want that nostalgic feeling from time to time. Plus, you can cuddle up under the cosy knits with your bae.

3. Candles

Source: Pinterest

Ah, candles! How we love the feeling of a Hogwarts castle, lighted up with a couple of witchy scented candles. They’re not just for Christmas! Candles add a whole romantic vibe to your space, and you can be sure that your home will smell like the scent of sea salt, cinnamon, or vanilla peaches, depending on the flavour you choose.

4. Mirrors

Reflective surfaces like mirrors can actually make your apartment appear bigger than it actually is. By reflecting the room on the other side, it magnifies your space to look twice as big. Anyway, it’s always a good idea to have a space where you can check yourself out all the time.

5. Fairylights

Source: Pinterest

Every girl wants a room with fairylights in it – because it lights up the room and looks pretty at the same time. It’s also one of the easiest ways to pimp up your crib. Just string some fairylights over anywhere, actually, and you’ll have a festive, decorated feature space. Mix it up with flowers or a mirror if you’d like to.