Pinoy Chic Shares How To DIY Your Own Pepper Spray

Okay ladies, we know how scary it is to go out alone with so many horrible things going on in the world. Walking down the street isn’t as safe as it use to be back then. Guys ogling you up and down, staring at you as if they’re going to eat you – worst, rob or kidnap you.

You’re going to need some protection and thankfully, this Pinoy sister has got you the ultimate lifesaver hack. Using nothing but ‘chili padi’ aka bird eye chili and water. Super easy! In a series of photos, Marry Ferjel Babasa from the Philippines posted her 3 step in making your DIY Pepper Spray.

G I R L S ❗️❗️❗️Dahil marami na ang bad guys ngayon, I’ll share my life saver hack. Super easy and affordable so no hassle. 😉See every picture. 😊

Posted by Marry Ferjel Babasa on Selasa, 2 April 2019

First, get yourself an empty spray bottle. You can totally get this from any drugstore for less than RM 5 or an empty makeup bottle.

Source: Facebook

Next, get yourself some super spicy chili that’ll sting so bad.

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Then, chop the chilies into small pieces and insert them into the spray bottle.

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Source: Facebook

Alrighty, once that’s done, mix the chili with water and shake, shake shake!

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And that’s it! Super easy and cheap too. You can basically get all the ingredients and items from your home! P/S: Marry also left a reminder to not forget to wash your hands after doing the process or risk stinging your own eyes or skin. She added, “Get a plastic or piece of paper, spray it on there, then sniff it. You can smell how strong the aroma is.”

Her post has since garnered 27K likes and 85K shares. Thanks for sharing this amazing trick Marry, we couldn’t resist to make one too! Check out our video below: