Fix Your Dark Circles With Permanent Concealer Tattoo

Writer: Farah Karim

You’ve heard of eyebrow tattoos and lip tattoos, but have you heard of concealer tattoos? Yeap, this technique exists and it can help hide your annoying dark circles!

Obviously, it is a problem that everyone deals with which makes you look tired and worn out. That’s why concealer tattoos might be the next big thing. While it’s not something that can be easily done like getting lash extensions or a manicure, it does make a lot of difference as to how you look.

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What is it?

Similar to other types of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing, what concealer tattoo does is by inking skin-like pigment onto the skin to mimic the look of the under-eye concealer. The pigment is inked one layer beneath the visible under-eye skin. According to Holly Starcevich, a certified permanent cosmetic tattoo artist, the ink used in this treatment is a cosmetic-grade pigment that will be colour customised to the client’s skin tone. She says that the needles used in this procedure are similar to microneedling in that it can provide skin-rejuvenating benefits.

How many sessions?

For maximum coverage, two sessions are recommended. The sessions are spread apart because dispensing too much pigment at one time can result in an uneven texture as it needs time to gradually settle and adjust. Don’t worry about going back to do it again, cause the results can last up to two to three years!

As for the recovery period, redness might appear immediately after the treatment. The under-eye area is delicate so avoid applying any makeup after the procedure and take extra precautions to protect the skin from any sun exposure. Remember to apply sunscreen and always wear sunglasses before you go out!

Source: Indian Makeup

What are the risks?

Holly Starcevich says that the long-term outcome of the treatment is unpredictable. As the eye region ages faster than the rest of the skin, the intensity of the dark circles can fluctuate. Over time, the tattoo can end up looking patchy depending on the state of your skin tone.

All in all, with a semi-permanent concealer tattoo, you’ll have more time for yourself in the morning. You know.. not having to worry about your dark circles for two to three years is pretty cool. Perhaps you should give it a try and test it out for yourself? Would you try this? Let us know!