People On The Internet Just Proved That It’s OK To Have An Affair

Finally, the one thing we feared most has happened. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have called it quits. It was reported that the A-list actor, aged 44 and supermodel, 33 ended their relationship of four years and are working towards a shared-custody of their daughter Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, who is two years old.


Which is unfortunate for the pair as #Bradrina is recognised as one of Hollywood’s power couples! But here’s the thing, instead of feeling sorry for the couple’s breakup, the internet seems to be really, REALLY happy.

ICYMI, rumours swirled of possible love sparks between Bradley Cooper and co-star, Lady Gaga which supposedly ignited during the 2019 Oscars, intimate ‘Shallow’ performance. It even became an acceptable meme!

The internet became the new home-wrecker when they suggested that the on-screen love pair should hook up in IRL while Cooper was in a relationship with Irina.

Four months later, the internet is at it again. Writing for this specific article, I was truly hoping to find a tweet that compassionated with Irina’s situation.

Breakups are never easy, yet the world made it worse for her. Not a single tweet that I could find (feel free to let me know if there is) that spoke of how devasting it is to have lost an IT romance.

The most heart-breaking – when Twitter flood tweets of how Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper should get together just so fans can “ship” them!

It may all seem fun and harmless for now, but one day the Cooper’s child is going to grow, learning of these tweets that suggested an affair between her dad and mom.

Even spreading rumours, that Lady Gaga is out to get “her” man.

How did we become this “Shallow”? We’re insinuating that it’s perfectly fine for someone to leave their partner even when they have a child together. Is it alright for your parents to get a divorce? DEFINITELY NOT.

Let’s get real internet, we are the reason for Hollywood’s “never” happy ending.

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