People Are Reacting To Billie Eilish’s Powerful New Short Film

A new Twitter trend has risen and, this time, it doesn’t involve “cancelling” someone.



18-year-old Billie Eilish has clapped back at body shamers in the most “Billie Eilish” way ever – through a quiet, haunting short film brimming with meaning. And as a result of her powerful statement against body shaming, people around the world are following suit. Since the release of the video, social media is flooded with the hashtag,




And the accompanying images? An array of beautiful individuals sharing pictures of themselves when, before this, they would have been too shy/afraid of doing so because of the possibility of backlash.



People are drawing courage and inspiration from the video and its message, bringing light to the otherwise somewhat toxic Twitterverse.




For Eilish, her day to day choices are constantly scrutinised as a public figure, thus allowing her to use her platform to properly give voice to something that renders her so vulnerable. The message of the video is artistically crafted and layered to send the message that what the public thinks is not our “responsibility”. Eilish points out how she is constantly judged for how she is dressed and what she chooses to do with her body. Starting off in a hoodie and then ending in her tank top in a pool of dark water, she takes back her narrative and the rights for people to talk about her body.


Do you know me–really, know me? You have opinions about my opinions, about my music, about my clothes, about my body. Some people hate what I wear; some people praise it. Some people use it to shame others; some people use it to shame me. But I feel you watching, always.”


Last year, Billie spoke to Dazed about the criticism she received after posting an image of herself – on her own personal Instagram account – in a bathing suit. Comments ranged from unsolicited advice to flat out insults. She told Dazed how she felt like she would be criticised no matter what she did.


“There were comments like, ‘I don’t like her any more because as soon as she turns 18 she’s a whore.’ Like, dude. I can’t win. I can not win.”She also opened up to the publication about how she hasn’t always felt comfortable in her own skin.


She also shared why she made the choice to keep her body private during her “My Clavins” campaign with Calvin Klein, saying how she wanted to keep some aspect of her to herself.


I never want the world to know everything about me. That’s why I wear big, baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath.”


Eilish goes on to mention that after all that, the final and most powerful truth is the answer to the question…


If I wear more if I wear less, who decides what that makes me? What that means? Is my value-based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?”



Watch the mesmerising new video here and be inspired because, it’s true, we shouldn’t have to let how others perceive us affect our opinion of ourselves!