Pavithra Reveals The Real Reason Behind Sugu’s Assault; Clears Her Husband Of Wrongdoing

M Sugu and S Pavithra have had a whirlwind of a year – from their meteoric rise to fame, various awards and a new house to the recent allegations of household disputes and even wiping their lucrative Youtube channel clean. Where exactly did it all go wrong for the couple? Pavithra has come forward with her explanation. In a 5 minute video on their channel, Pavithra appears to reveal the story behind the controversy that ensued following the case involving her husband, M Sugu.



According to Pavithra, tensions were built high as a result of her relatives reappearing in her life. Following her newfound fame, reported income and ability to improve her life, relatives she hadn’t heard from in a while were suddenly reaching out to her. Pavithra elaborates that Sugu’s presence at the hospital was because of them, stating,


My family have become a problem because of money. My family who have not been supportive of me this whole time – for the 7 years that I have been married to Sugu – have never helped me nor have they supported me. After having money and reached this level of success, they have started to appear and borrow money from my husband as well as a few other things that have created problems within my family.”


Pavithra does acknowledge that it was Sugu’s wrong for having indulged in spirits before appearing at the hospital but she denies allegations and accusations that he is an alcoholic. She also shares that the pair regret what happened on that fateful day but put blame on the media for falsifying news about them and the incident, feeding months-long issues within her and Sugu’s relationship –


News relating to us is not important in our country at this point in time. I am also at a loss as to why the media want to report  on us. Even though we don’t talk to them about ourselves but they continue to do so. The media is a reason why we’ve lost our family’s right to privacy these past three months. After the month of May, the media has entered our lives and caused us to have less and less time for our family.”


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She also addresses the misunderstanding that the channel is hers and hers alone. After news that Sugu had hit Pavithra broke, netizens were calling for Pavithra to leave her husband and continue making videos alone. Referring to these comments, Pavithra shared that in reality, if she didn’t have Sugu, she wouldn’t be making videos.


This channel is owned and run by the both of us and if I didn’t have Sugu, I wouldn’t be able to do these videos alone. As you know, Sugu is the one helping me record, get the ingredients for recipes ready, takes care of the kids and supports me.”


Pavithra also details how of the videos that have gone viral from their channel, two were from Sugu. The “Kari Ayam Tak Payah Tumis” recipe that was recreated by famous Youtubers was originally from Sugu and a second video, which got 2 million views, was also Sugu’s. As a result, Pavithra shared her hope that fans and supporters alike would extend their support to both of them, rather than to her alone.



To end the video, Pavithra shared her hope that the pair can continue to upload videos and create more content. She also confirmed that they will be reuploading the older videos, which they deleted following much heartache with money issues resulting from their publication. Pavithra also reaffirmed that her family will stay as they are, saying –


No one can tear our family apart. Our family is us – Sugu, Pavithra and our two kids.  I would like to say thank you to all our subscribers because I see the honest love from all of you, who support us even when times are tough for us until now. We’d also like to apologise for all that has happened as this was our fault. Following this, we hope things will continue to get better.”



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