Paper Clipping – When Your Ex Ghosts You To See If You Miss Him

Every week, we feature weird, trending millennial slangs for you to keep up with. Now, have you ever checked your phone and received a random message from that someone who’ve dated and ghosted you in the past? Well, that my friend is when you’ve been paper-clipped!

Paper Clipping is inspired by Clippy from Microsoft Office 

Inspired by the artwork of Samantha Rothenberg, Metro coined the new dating term and yes, it’s relatable as ever. In one of her recent dating posting on Instagram, she shared an illustration of Clippy – remember, the annoying digital assistant that always appear on Microsoft Office?

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Who remembers clippy? 📎 well he’s here to make sure you don’t forget him 🤠

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It’s just like your ex who appears & disappear suddenly 

Just like Clippy, paper clipping is just like that ex who won’t disappear after a breakup. He’s the guy you’ve gone on a few dates, ghosted you and then months later, shows up out of nowhere sends you a mysterious text like, “Hey… How are you doing?” or “What are you doing this Saturday?”

Paper Clippers are the ultimate dating trolls & just wants your attention for fun! 

Cited from Metro: “A paper clipper revels in getting a reaction, whether that’s positive or negative. They just want attention from you to prove you’re still bothered.”

“They’re the ultimate dating trolls, and the moment you respond, silently seethe, or spend hours analyzing their message, they’re winning.”

Before you can reply to him, he goes missing for another six months. Bluetick that dude because it’ll only hurt you again!