Owner Of Johor Bridal Boutique Apologises For Cemetery Photo Shoot

A bridal boutique has recently come under fire on social media after photos of their newest bridal collection were posted online. This was because the photo shoot was done at a Christian cemetery in Baru Pahat, Johor.

Twitter user @chrissytwittwit posted a few photos of the shoot on 5th November, which featured a model, posing on top of the graves belonging to other people.

There was even a shot of a model lying in between two graves!

Source: Twitter

Obviously, Twitter didn’t take this issue lightly with some commenting on how insensitive the whole thing was.

Source: Twitter

Since the posting, the boutique owner has then come forward and apologised in a tearful 5-minute long apology video.

Beliau dh buat video mintak maaf kpd smua rakyat Malaysia kita.. Kite forgive n forget jer lah k..

Posted by ViralPress Malaysia on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In the video, she apologised to both Muslims and non-Muslims for the photoshoot. She also admits that she didn’t realise that the photos could offend many and says that the photos were only meant to be used privately to showcase her bridal collection and now for publicity.

At least, she’s sorry over the whole incident. We all make mistake, right?