‘Overlapping’ – When Millennials Start A New Relationship Before Breaking Up

Overlapping one’s relationships has become somewhat of a trend now.

ICYMI, ‘overlapping’ refers to when you start a new relationship before breaking up with your current partner, but you’ve got every intention of breaking up in the end.

We guess that’s the only difference between overlapping and cheating. Some people cheat while they’re still in love, and as for overlapping, there is no love left. The new relationship serves as insurance of some sort when the actual breakup happens.

Why do millennials start overlapping?

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People fall in and out of love without the safety net of a new partner all the time. Unfortunately, it seems like falling in love and beginning a relationship with someone else before breaking up has become normalised. Think of it as securing a new job before leaving your old one. Overlapping gives a person a sense of security, and perhaps just breaking off a relationship completely without having someone to turn for comfort really sucks.

Wait, isn’t overlapping technically cheating?

In a way, overlapping is cheating, but as we pointed out earlier, some cheaters are still in love with their partners, while overlappers tend to want out of the relationship, but are unable to communicate their needs. In other ways, overlapping can be like having an affair, where you have to juggle between one partner and another, and you’d never want them to meet. When it comes to overlapping, the overlapper has already moved on from their current relationship, but their partner doesn’t know.

What should you do if you’re a serial overlapper?

Being cheated on hurts like a b*tch, and so does being overlapped. It makes the overlapped question what they did wrong and blame themselves for being a bad partner. Instead of overlapping, if you intend to break up anyway, just do it. Tell your partner that this relationship isn’t working out for you and once the breakup is final, you can start a relationship with the new guy after a few weeks of reflecting (or waiting, really, since you’ve probably moved on from your previous relationship).



  • Ed


    …in other words, cowards. The deceit and manipulation and disrespect is on another level from being cheated on. I was overlapped, and it made me question everything about the whole 3 years together. Now I will never respect her, I will always feel like a fool whenever I think about her and I dislike (probably even hate) her more than I ever loved her. If I could erase the memories, I would. If you are planning on overlapping someone be prepared to be hated by that person that was not only once in love with you, but also considered you a true friend. You might even turn them into a monster.

    16 January 2020
  • Ben


    You wanna know what’s worse than overlapping? Well let’s just say I had a now ex girlfriend who got pregnant during this overlapping. The other dude wasn’t stable and she stuck around for as long as possible. Thinking it was all my fault I tried to fix things until she started growing a really big belly. I was blinded thinking it was all my fault.

    6 February 2020
  • Sarah


    “Overlapping”…i love it! Ive been overlapping my current relationship with my boyfriends best friend. At first I felt dirty about it, but now that I call it overlapping I dont feel bad at all! Thanks for helling me justify my actions!

    13 February 2020