Ouch! Soft-Ghosting Is When Your Crush Don’t Know How To Reject You

Seems like we’re always coming up of new ways to reject someone. From ghosting to paperclipping and slow fade – yes, it’s hard to find love in this generation yet so easy to get dumped.

Now, there’s a new dating term that we should be frightened of. According to Louise Troen, VP of International Media and Communications at Bumble, that new term is called, ‘soft ghosting’.

Is ‘soft ghosting’ just like ‘ghosting’? 

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This time, put yourself first 💖 #MondayMantra

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Soft ghosting is when someone reacts to the other person’s texts or posts on social media but offers no genuine response. For example, you’ve spent hours texting this guy on Whatsapp but all he replies is “heart” emoji or a one-word answer like “Okay”. Ugh…it hurts!

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Unlike ghosting, this new dating term can leave you confused. Let’s be real, it’ll be so much easier to be ghosted, at least you get the hint right away. But this, what is he trying to tell you??? He’s still replying, well he must be interested, right?

WRONG. He’s being polite!

How to handle “nice guys” who soft-ghost?

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Never settle, ladies ❤️

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1. Don’t assume and jump into conclusions 

Give them time to respond. We’re all working adults here, they may be busy. But if they have the time to do everything else (ie partying, gaming) but take the longest time to respond to your text, it’s time to accept the ugly truth.

2. Don’t put in that extra effort for someone who won’t do the same for you 

Damn straight! If the dude just replies to you with a single word or worse – an emoji, do you think he deserves your effort in sending him long-ass texts? NUH-UH.

3. Control yourself, hun, don’t double text! 

We’re going to be brutal right here – If the guy wants to contact you, he will.