Oops! You May Have Been Applying Foundation The Wrong Way

Foundation is a staple in every beauty routine. We’ve been using it for years and yet, it can still go wrong – cakey and heavy! We would apply foundation across our complexion in a uniform base but there’s a new technique MUAs been using for a flawless finish.

Enter Foundation Mapping! 

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Foundation mapping is the secret to “real” looking skin. Simply apply foundation on areas that need foundation, yes, you don’t really need foundation all over your face! By doing this, it creates the illusion of you wearing very little makeup yet still covering up all blemishes.

How do you do it?

Begin by doing your usual face prep. When applying foundation, focus on your T-zone, the side of your nose and spots with blemishes. But remember to keep it light, too thick and it might crease.

Don’t forget your jawline and neck too. Be sure to blend it out well or we’ll be seeing two skin tones, which is definitely not flattering!

Avoid areas that do not need any foundation 

For instance, the cheeks because it’s where the light bounces, hence require a minimal amount of foundation. makeup artist, Lan Nguyen-Grealis tells Glamour, “Leaving this area will give the most natural and flawless base,” she adds. Instead “add a tiny sweep of highlighter at the highest point of cheekbones and down the long part of the nose but avoid the tip or bridge of the nose to give a natural dimension.”

Simple enough and saves you a whole of time! Would you try foundation mapping?