OMG! Stop Stalking Your Crush On Social Media

Having a crush is exciting. It’s someone who makes your heart go a-flutter and adds sparkles to your entire week with a simple “hello.”

Except for the part where you’re not sure if your crush likes you back. He loves me, he loves me not.

Sometimes, we take to social media to stalk someone we like, even if we only like him a little bit. Which photos is he tagged in? Why would he reply in such a way? What kind of comment is that?

Stalking your crush on social media isn’t just creepy, it’s also self-destructive, so here’s how you can stop stalking your crush and start living your life.

Acknowledge that you have a crush on this person

So, you really like this person huh? Sometimes, we like a person without really acknowledging it, until we find ourselves helplessly pining for their attention. Having a crush on someone can literally make you lose all sense of logic, so if you like someone, get a grip. There’s no harm in trying to get to know them better but if you spend time scrolling through their posts, comments, and even replies, it can get really draggy, and won’t amount to anything. So, you have a crush. There it is.

Distance yourself from social media for a while

If you simply can’t help but lurk on your crush’s social media accounts, you have to do the hard thing. Block or mute their profiles from your social media account so you can finally be at ease. Lurking or stalking someone’s social media profiles is not only unproductive, it’s also pretty self-destructive. Pick up a hobby, like calligraphy, and actually live your own life. Maybe your crush will develop a crush on you instead because you’re so cool (but that’s really not the point).

Actually ask this person out

Oh no you’re getting thrown to the sharks! Actually, asking your crush out can be a really positive experience. If you muster up enough courage to do so, maybe you’ll go out on a real date and fall in love. Then, you wouldn’t have to simply ‘like’ them behind a phone screen. PS: This only works if your crush actually knows you exist. Otherwise, you’re better off on Tinder. True love will find it’s way no matter what.

When you have a crush on someone, it’s always best to act on it rightaway. If it’s realistic for you both to be together, why not? Aim for the moon and shoot for the stars, darlings. You can do better than just smile at someone through a phone screen.