OMG! Too Much Exercise Can Actually Prevent Weight Loss

About to head to the gym? Stop right there, sister!

Have you ever felt like you’ve exercised and literally put your body to HIIT hell only to realize you’re not losing those last few pounds?

Well, it’s not like it’s age or metabolism or anything. Too much exercise can actually prevent weight loss. We heard your weights drop, so we’ll get right down to the facts.

Over-exercising can actually stop the burning of body fat

When you work out too much, your stress hormones a.k.a. cortisol, spike up. High cortisol levels mean your body literally can’t burn off fat cells, if it’s too busy trying to balance out your body’s nervous systems.

So when you exercise too much, your body is literally too busy to lose weight WTF.

Wait… so that means we worked out like Ariana’s Side To Side video for nothing?

OK not really. You can still exercise. This is not an excuse for you to become a potato forever! Instead, mix up your high intensity workouts with restorative fitness like yoga, Pilates, or even simply taking a walk.

These can help you sleep better, increase your energy levels and gradually help you to lose weight.

Don’t feel any guilt about not exercising

Even so, you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to work out for that bikini body so much, because that’s what causes your stress hormones to spike up. Let go of any guilt surrounding exercise and take breaks when you need to. See it as a health goal, and not a body goal. A rested body is a healthy body, and in the end, that’s what we’re aiming for.