Oily Eyelids? Here’s How You Can Slay Your Eye Makeup

The only thing that’s stopping from slaying your eye-shadow game is your oily eyelids! If you have oily eyelids, you’ll definitely know the pain of spending so much time perfecting the smoky eye-shadow look only to have them ruined by oily eyelids. Let’s be real, there’s nothing fun about your makeup melting before noon.

But don’t you worry because we have your back. Here’s how you can beat oily eyelids and slay that eye look!

1. Pre-makeup cleanse 

Woman Washing Her Face With Water

Before you can pick up that makeup brush, ensure that your face is totally clean. Remove all excess of makeup the day before with a good makeup cleanser then wash your face thoroughly. You want to start your makeup with clean slate, sort of like a clean canvas.

2. Don’t apply creams on your eyelids 

Source: YouTube

You can however apply eye creams under your eyes. But not on the eyelids as eye creams contain emollient properties which can make it hard for eye-shadows and eyeliners to stay.

3. Blot your eyelids! 


Blotting papers aren’t just used to blot oil from your T-zone but also the oil on your eyelids. Carry a packet of blotting papers everywhere you go. Whenever your eyelids start to feel greasy, BLOT EM’ AWAY! If you wear top-quality makeup, you should be able to gently blot the oil off of your eyelids without worrying about wiping off your makeup.

4. Avoid applying foundation on your eyelids 

Round Grey Foundation Canister

If you’ve been doing this, it’s probably why your eyelids get oily so fast. Use either a powder-based foundation or water-based foundation instead.

5. Primer is your best friend! 

Invest in a friggin’ good eye primer. This is essential as it sets a base for your eye-shadows and liners, making it a sealant between your skin and eye makeup from being attacked by oils. Besides, primer helps to make your eye makeup pop!

6. Try using powder-based products 

Assorted Eye Shadow and Blusher Palette

Liquid eyeliners are the best in creating a winged eyeliner, but what’s the point if it’s going to crease in a few hours time? Instead opt for dry pencil formula and loose powder eye-shadow, which can soak up excess oil in your eyelids.

7. Finish it by spritzing setting spray 

Source: Urban Decay

Spray away with a good setting spray to help set your whole makeup look. Preferably matte, this will help to cut the shine all day including on your eyelids.