Oh The Cravings! These Fast Food-Inspired Outfits Will Make You Hungry For Fashion

Fast food is, well.. about meals that can be grabbed easily at every corner. Fashion on the other hand, is about clothes, trends and worn to make a statement.

No one would have thought that these two things which have nothing in common (since none of them being in the same category of any kind), would pretty much make sense on the runway.

But it does, and in celebration of National Fast-Food Day, here are some quirky fashion collaborations with famous fast-food brands that celebrates fashion and food.

1. McDonald’s & Moschino

Source: Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

As part of the Milan Women’s Fashion Week for autumn/winter 2014 collection, Jeremy Scott debuted a collection inspired by Happy Meals. The model wore a red visor with McD’s logo which looks like Moschino’s “M”, and a similar red/yellow shirt-dress as well as a tray carrying a $1,265 red-leather bag that kind of looks like a kid’s meal box. So stylish though! I mean, it’s just like Jeremy Scott to add humour into his collection.

2. KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good Merchandise

Source: KFC

For the love of delicious fried chicken, colonel sanders and fashion, Kentucky Fried Chicken launched KFC Ltd, an online collection of “quality fried chicken apparel and limited-edition goods, in 2017. The range include accessories, clothing and even home interior equipments. From a Finger Lickin’ Good necklace to fried chicken socks, KFC really did come through for chicken lovers everywhere.

3. Pizza Hut’s Sneaker

Source: Pizza Hut

Last year, Pizza Hut created this amazing pair of high top sneakers called Pie Tops, which actually looks quite cool. What’s even cooler, it includes some sort of a bluetooth mechanism that allows you to order pizza while wearing them. Be it at the park or a friend’s house, you could call up a pizza party with your sneakers instead of ordering online. This year, the Pizza Hut sneaker made a comeback called Pie Tops II, designed by Shoe Surgeon in conjunction with March Madness.

4. Taco Bell Meets Forever 21 Bodysuit

Source: Taco Bell

Taco Bell collaborating with Forever 21 to bring the fans these uber cool outfits, was the sauciest thing that happened in 2017. There were body suits, shirts and cropped sweatshirts with playful graphics and vibrant prints along with the word “Taco Bell” across your chest. Side note, we kinda feel hungry just looking at the outfits.

5. Auntie Anne’s Love for Pretzels

Source: Auntie Anne’s

In celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary, Auntie Anne’s, a well-known pretzel chain collaborated with different artists to design its very first line of fashion and accessories called “For the Love of Pretzels”. It features a collection made for men, women, children’s clothing and slip-ons. There’s even a pretzel journal, mugs and phone covers.