#LikelyScoops: October’s Very First Launches Are All About Self-Love

We don’t love ourselves enough, and that needs to be said.

Thankfully, the fall month gives us a moment to take a breather and reconnect with our most beloved selves.

Self-love is important as it allows you to build a solid relationship with yourself, in confidence and assurance. On the first week of October, the newest launches encourage you to splurge on yourself and make the right decisions for your happiness.

1. [comfort zone] Sublime Skin Hormon-aging

Understanding how hormones affect one’s skin is a challenge for many specialists. When hormones start to take on a new life of their own when women reach their late 30s, it causes our skin to become dry, thin and lose density. That’s where the Sublime Skin Hormon-aging collection steps in.

Formulated with chicory extract, marine extract and marajuca oil, their star products include the Oil Cream and Oil Serum. The two products absorb quickly into your skin without the greasy texture and restores nourishment typically lost due to the lower levels of estrogen to reveal firm, smooth skin.

2. Em Cosmetics Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss

The OG Beauty Guru YouTuber Michelle Phan has emerged from her hiatus to launch her company’s latest product – the Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss. This clear, non-stick lip gloss is infused with Vitamin E to give the wearer soft, hydrated and supple lips all day, every day.

With a video titled very aptly, “Hello” and a description that says, “I missed you,” Michelle Phan certainly knows how to bring a tear to her fans’ eyes. We missed you too, Michelle! Who else binge watches her videos every now and then? *raises hand*

3. Dienille (Oral Contraceptive) by Eurodrug Laboratories.

In Malaysia, only 52.2% of married women use a method of family planning. It doesn’t help that 84% of unintended pregnancies around the world happen because they did not use contraception. Eurodrug Laboratories has launched the ‘Take Control’ campaign in partnership with CARiNG Pharmacy, and the Federation of Reproductive Health Associations Malaysia (FRHAM).

This campaign introduces Dienille, an oral contraceptive containing a combination of two hormones, namely dienogest and ethinylestradiol. Dienille has high endometrial activity related to dienogest, which assures that ovulation is inhibited, thus effectively preventing unintended pregnancies.

‘Take Control’ aims to empower women to take control and make informed decisions regarding contraception and menstruation. Every woman should have a choice and every child should be wanted. Dienille is available at CARiNG pharmacies nationwide.

4. Wanderlust + Co. x Daiyan Trisha on ZALORA

Malaysian songstress Daiyan Trisha has released her first-ever collection with Wanderlust + Co.  The one-of-a-kind capsule collection, Bloom Within, drew inspiration from Tulisan by Daiyan Trisha, a collection of heartfelt poems written by the songstress herself.

The entire collection is available for purchase on ZALORA. The six-piece range centres around self-love, including the Bloom Within Necklace, Bloom Within Anklet, Bloom Within Earrings, Self Love Bracelet, Wild Flower Earrings and A Little Sparkle Ring

5. Ceradan Complete Emollient Regimen

One of the top dermatologists brand in Singapore, Ceradan’s products are formulated to provide the optimal environment for skin barrier recovery. Formulated with a unique blend of ceramide, cholesterol and free fatty acids, these products are clinically proven to prevent eczema.

Many eczema sufferers have compromised skin barrier and Ceradan’s complete Emollient Regimen provides the solution to managing eczema-prone skin. The collection includes Ceradan wash, a gentle, soap-free formula to hydrate your skin, ceramide-dominant Barrier Repair Cream to repair dry and sensitive skin, and Ceradan Hydra, a long-lasting moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin.