4 Ways To Find The Nude Lipstick That Suits Your Skintone

Nude lipstick can be a pretty tough puzzle to figure out. Get it wrong and you’ll look washed out. Get it right, however, and you’ll glow like a goddess in the golden hour.

MAC’s Ruby Woo is the queen of all red lipsticks and blends in perfectly with all skin tones, but you can’t say the same for nude lipsticks, because nude isn’t exactly a colour.

No matter how fair or tan you get, there will always be a nude lipstick out there for you. Nude lipstick is what you make of it – it can be peachy, soft pink, taupe, mauve, or even a little darker than your natural lip colour. Doesn’t that feel liberating?

1. Check out your skin tone

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We’re so glad the era of concealer-lips in the place of nude lipstick is out of the picture. Instead, take a look at your skin tone in the mirror. For babes with fair skin, you can opt for a nude lipstick shade that’s one shade darker than your actual skin tone. Don’t go lighter because you may start to look washed out.

For babes with a medium skin tone, caramel shades and deeper pink lipstick will do. Meanwhile, girls with deeper skin tones can pull off lipstick that’s one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Yay!

2. If your lips are naturally pigmented…

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… it can be difficult to find the perfect nude lipstick shade. Don’t avoid it altogether, though! Find a shade that is similar to your natural lip colour, with hints of pink to make your lips stand out. It’s better to add texture to your lips too, with gloss and creamier formulas. This is one way to ensure that your lips don’t disappear into the abyss of nude shades.

3. Your nipples may hold the key to your perfect nude lipstick shade

Say whaaattt? Has the answer to the biggest question in the beauty universe been in your ta-tas all along? Apparently, your perfect nude lipstick shade is the exact same shade is your nipples. You heard us right! The colour of your nipples equates to the nude lipstick shade that blends into the natural hue of your lips and complements your skin tone at the same time. Try it for yourself and see if it works for you.

4. Balance the nudity

Now that you’ve probably picked the perfect nude lipstick shade, it’s important to balance your lip look with the rest of your face. Enhance your cheekbones with an extra layer of bronzer and bring out your eyes with bold eye makeup. For girls on the paler side, dust your cheeks with a fair bit of blush to add colour to your face.