5 Notorious Punishments From Asian Parents We’ll Never Forget

“If your friend jumps off a cliff, will you follow?” is the question most Asian parents have asked us before, especially if we dare say, “… but my friend can do this, why can’t I?”

Unfortunately for 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson, she was pushed off a 60-foot bridge into the East Fork Lewis River by her friend. Jordan suffered 6 broken ribs and a punctured lung, and is now undergoing physical therapy while her friend, 19-year-old Taylor Smith, only got 2 days’ jail time.

“I didn’t ask for this, but last summer, my said friend changed my life for the worst.” – Jordan Holgerson

First of all, that is so wrong. The girl could have died. Second of all, do you know what our Asian parents would do if they found out we did something stupid – like pushing our friend off the bridge? Better hide before your parents find out you made them ‘lose face’!

1. Asian parents would be the FIRST to call the police

Gurl bye. Asian parents won’t save you when you do something stupid. They’d be the first to turn you in faster than you can explain the situation. Most Asian kids know and expect this, so when we do something silly, we just hope we don’t get caught, not by the police, but by our parents.

2. They’d beat yo’ ass

No matter how we are, the thought of the rotan, the slipper and the belt is enough to scare the bejesus out of us! Even if you’re already 20 years old and technically an adult, your parents will magically procure a slipper out of nowhere to beat yo’ ass if they ever found out about your mistakes.

3. They’d punish you… and your siblings too.

Even if you do something small, like get a B+ on a test, Asian parents would make sure you’re properly punished for your mistakes. Being grounded is so lame – like every Asian child IS grounded anyway. Your parents will sit you down, together with your siblings, and give y’all a proper scolding that lasts for hours.

4. They’d kick you out of your home

This is pretty heartbreaking but Asian parents will not allow you to live with them, especially after you’ve done something like, push your friend off a bridge or date a guy they didn’t approve of. You’ll get about half an hour to pack your stuff and leave… or risk more scolding and nagging.

5. They’d write you out of their will

Guess someone isn’t getting any estate funds. Asian parents are notorious for saving up their money for their kids’ future, and whatever’s remaining will go to the next of kin, which can add up to quite a lot. If you do something stupid that would probably ruin your family’s reputation and cause your parents to lose face, guess who isn’t getting any?

Here’s one thing Asian parents won’t do – they may be terribly upset and disappointed, but they won’t stop loving you, no matter what. What’s the worst Asian parent punishment you’ve ever received?


  • Anonymous


    I’m Asian and I got the spanking/beating and ear pulling, but the WORST one is a smack/slap across the face. All because I said the F word as a kid and I had no idea what it meant at the time.

    5 July 2019