Not Cool! Being In A Texting Relationship Is A Thing

This week’s millennial term: Textlationship. Darn it with these dating slangs, it sounds annoying but they’re all real! Have you ever been in a situation where both of you constantly text yet you only see the dude like maybe once a month? Gurl, this is going to hurt but you could be in a “textlationship”.

What the heck is a relationship – texting relationship? 

It is a relationship that is built and exists solely through text messages. Basically, you flirt through texts, exchange nude photos yet you rarely you both aren’t an item IRL.  Sounds familiar? Here’s how you can tell if that text-based boyfriend isn’t the real deal.

1. You text LIKE all the time!

You love it how he sends ‘morning texts’ and asks about your day. He never fails to text you lovey-dovey mushy hearts too. But newsflash, just because he constantly drops you a text, doesn’t mean he’s serious. You have so much to say to each other, yet he doesn’t want to see you face to face? (FYI this is totally different for LDR)

2. What about calls? He goes M.I.A 

Weird…He seems to only be available via text! When you do call him in hopes that calling would increase the connection between the two of you, the call somehow goes into voicemail. Even weirder that he doesn’t even bother calling back, instead he texts you back a few minutes later and starts a “convo”. WTH?

3. He gives you empty-promises to go on dates 

RED FLAG: If the guy says things like “Can’t wait to see you” or “Miss you, I want to see you so bad” yet he never actually plans the date, it’s a major red flag! He only tells you what you want to hear in hopes you’ll stick around for THAT date to happen.