Not All Airports Are Boring, You’ll Be Happy To Get Delayed Here

The worst thing that can ruin your perfect holiday when you’re abroad is a flight delay. What a bummer, right?

It’s one thing to be stuck in a different country, but it’s another thing to be delayed and having trouble with your scheduled itinerary as it causes a bad domino effect such as missing your upcoming flight connections and airport pickups.

However, if you are stuck at these top 10 beautiful airports, you would probably wish for some extra time to experience what the world’s bests have to offer.

1. Singapore’s Changi Airport

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In 2018, Singapore’s International Changi Airport has once again been crowned as the world’s best airport for the sixth year in a row. The title was awarded by the prestigious annual Skytrax World Airport Awards, which is also known as “the Oscars of the aviation industry.”

If you haven’t been to Changi Airport, you’re definitely going to want to because it features everything that you wouldn’t even imagine.

Guests can find a 24-hour free movie theater, play Playstation3s, Xbox 360s and Wii which are available for free at the Entertainment Deck, or sit at any free massage chairs to relax.  What’s more, Changi is also the home to the world’s tallest slide inside an airport, complete with a rooftop swimming pool and jacuzzi. Impressive!

2. South Korea’s Seoul Incheon Airport

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The second best airport in the world goes to Incheon International Airport in Seoul. Known to be one of the best airports with free hospitality service, guests can expect a 72-hole golf course, a casino, two cinemas that play films as well as TV shows that are available to be played in seven languages. To our surprise, it even has an ice skating rink that uses synthetic ice.

3. Japan’s Tokyo Haneda Airport

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Haneda Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world with over 60 million passengers passing through each year, but being stuck in here wouldn’t be so bad considering that it has a one-of-a-kind planetarium dome which is covered in approximately 40 million ‘stars’!

There are so many things you can do here. One of it is to wander around Edo Alley, the airport’s festival plaza which consists of 21 Japanese restaurants and 18 shops selling Japanese goods such as glasses and cosmetics made with domestic ingredients.

4. Hong Kong International Airport

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Always wanted to learn how to fly an airplane? You’ll get to experience airplane takeoffs and landings from the pilot’s seat at Hong Kong’s Aviation Discovery Centre.

Listed fourth on the world’s best airport list, it houses all the biggest high-end brand names like Burberry, Chanel, Prada and Versace under one roof, with 47 shops at Terminal 1 alone. Besides, you can also watch movies in IMAX, which is displayed on the biggest cinema screen in all of Hong Kong, right here at Hong Kong International Airport.

5. Doha’s Hamad International Airport

Source: Business Insider

Outrageously luxurious and uber-modern, Hamad International Airport is fifth on the list. It is equipped with free wifi, over 80 duty-free stores to shop and complimentary Doha City Tours. Hamad Airport is also the first airport designed for A380 and the second largest hub in the Middle East, which cost about $16 billion to build.

The most special feature of this airport is that travelers are surrounded by gold-plated everything, from coffee counters to its playground. What’s more, you can relax at The Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Centre which offers an indoor swimming pool, where you’ll get to watch the planes take off.  

6. Munich’s Airport

Source: Reuters

Sixth on the list is one of the busiest airports in Europe and second-busiest in Germany which comes after Frankfurt — the Munich Airport. What’s so famous about this airport is the airy yet glass-heavy architecture.

Guests can entertain themselves at Airbrau, the airport’s brewery and beer garden area, or simply head over to its marketplace which is modeled after Munich’s open-air food market, Viktualienmarkt.

7. Japan’s Chubu Centrair International Airport

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Indulge yourself to a traditional Japanese bathhouse where you’ll get to soak yourself into relaxation while watching the sunset over the bay. Not only that, but Centrair also has a 1,000-foot sky deck where passengers can watch ships sail into the Port of Nagoya.

8. London’s Heathrow Airport

Source: Business Insider

Ranked eighth on the list and seventh as the busiest airport in the world is the Heathrow Airport. This venue is the largest of the five primary airports serving in London, which is also the main hub for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. If your flight layover is at Heathrow, and you have plenty of time to kill, visit some of the interesting attractions close to the airport like Windsor Castle and Chessington World of Adventures.

9. Zurich Airport

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Zurich airport is the home base for Swiss International Air Lines and serves as a hub which links  Switzerland’s largest city to the rest of the country. If you’re on an extended layover, fret not, because there are plenty of tourist attractions that you can visit which include Bahnhofstrasse. What’s more, Zurich Airport also offers bicycle and inline-skate rentals as well as excursions to the Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne.

10. Frankfurt Airport

Source: Business Insider

Frankfurt Airport, the fourth-busiest airport in Europe and one of the most essential transit hubs in the world. It’s the home base to Lufthansa and fleets more than 280 jets. Now Frankfurt Airport is one of the best airports in the world because it provides ease of transit between terminals as well as featuring many shopping and dining outlets. So you get to sink your teeth into some delicious German food! Another interesting activity that you can do is to take an airport tour. Frankfurt is the only international airport that we know of, that offers travelers daily tours of the facility, including field operations where you can watch the jumbo jets.