No Sweat! Here’s How To Wash Your Face After A Workout

Exercising is good for your body but if you don’t take good care of your skin while working out, it could cause unflattering breakouts. Sweating can clog up your pores and this can cause pimples to grow.

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Fortunately for you, there are some pretty easy steps for you to after your gym sesh for a clear complexion.

1. Use a gentle cleanser 

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Avoid using cleansers that contain sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate as it can dry up your skin. Instead it’s recommended that you try an anti-bacterial cleanser with tea tree oil, a cooling gel-based face wash or a gentle milky cleanser with calming chamomile or lavender extracts.

2. Wash your face with lukewarm water 

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And end your cleansing session with cool water (room temperature, not cold!). Lukewarm water will open up your pores while cool water helps to close up your pores. This will then help to release sweat trapped in your pores.

3. Pat your skin with a dry towel 

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Don’t rub as this may irritate your skin, especially when your face gets really red when you workout.

4. Calm your skin with a face mist or toning spray 

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It’s advisable to use antimicrobial cranberry toner and face mists that hydrates the skin.

5. Treat inflammation 

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For sensitive skin, apply a green tea or resveratrol-based gel, serum or light moisturiser to soothe inflammation.